3 magical methods to stay young and lively!

Instead of trying to directly give you the methods of becoming young and healthy, I will relate this with a story, so you will understand the steps in a much better manner and will be able to implement them in your daily life.

The old man had turned 80 now and his son just celebrated(!) his 100th birthday. It would sound weird how can a father be younger than his son. But the reason for this was that with the passing of every year, the old man was becoming younger by 1 year due to his habits and the systems he had put in place. The old man had celebrated 100 years and then after 20 years, he had now turned 80. And his son was getting older by 2 years, every year. He never cared about his habits and did not have any concrete systems in place.

When the two of them used to be together, there was always confusion whether who was the father and who was the son. But the old man faced huge challenges in his life related to his heath when he was in his nineties. He lived on oxygen cylinders for a few years and did not have one or two but was suffering from more than ten diseases. The severe heart attack was the last of them. But it was only for his will power and great wealth that he did not give up and continued his battle with life.

The old man was sleeping on the bed and the doctor and his son were discussing his health.

The doctor told his son, “Now there is no point in giving him extra medications and keeping him alive using those oxygen cylinders after that severe heart attack. It will only increase the pain and trauma if he lives in such a torrid state!”

The son had tears in his eyes but agreed to the advice of the doctor.

But the old man was not fully asleep and was able to hear the conversation. Just as the doctor was about to remove the oxygen cylinder, the old man shook his head as if he was saying that he still wanted to live. He closed his fist and then opened only his first finger and then looked at the calendar.

The doctor did not understand it clearly but his son did.

His son told the doctor, “Dad is telling me that we should wait for one more day before we remove his oxygen cylinder and stop his medications!”

The doctor agreed to this and the son asked his father, “Dad! Is there anything you want to do in one day? Do you have any pending work left?” His son was also hoping that his father might have to give some information about his secret wealth.

The old man pointed to the mobile of his son.

The son asked him, “Do you want to talk to anybody?”

The old man nodded his head but he was not in a position to talk.

So his son started calling the names of all the contacts in alphabetical order.

The old man was listening to all the names patiently and suddenly he nodded his head when his son called the name of one of his close friends.

The son asked his father, “Do you want to meet your friend? Shall I call him in the hospital?”

The old man nodded in the affirmative and again closed his eyes and indicated to the doctor to give him medication.

At 6 pm, a man entered the room of the hospital where the old man was lying on the bed. He was wearing an orange t-shirt and blue jeans. He seemed to be very fit and seemed to be in his 60’s though he was more than 80 years old. He had a tattoo on his right shoulder and was wearing a golden color watch. His body language and his confidence stood out among the other three.

The doctor and the son of the old man explained the whole story of the old man to him and how he had requested to live one more day just to meet him.

The reason why the old man had requested to meet his friend was due to the fact that his friend had advised him to work on his habits because the old man had started to develop illnesses. This had happened many years back. His friend had told him that if he would implement the three pieces of advises which he was going to give, then he would be healthy again. But the old man laughed at him and his arrogance got in the way, so he refused to listen to this advice.

But now that the old man was about to die, he remembered his friend and wanted to know about those habits.

His friend asked him, “So you don’t want to die?”

The old man smiled.

His friend joked, “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die!” And suddenly everybody began to laugh and the atmosphere became joyful.

The old man looked into the eyes of his friend and then looked again at the bed giving him the hint to come to his bed. His friend had brought a suitcase with him. He took the suitcase and went near his friend. The old man looked at his friend and then moved his face towards his right hand. He closed his fist and then opened his first three fingers.

His friend asked him, “So you want to know about the three habits which will change your life?”

It was as if the old man said to him, “I hope it is not too late!”

His friend understood his question and smiled, “Don’t worry, there is no age bar for these habits, they are beyond any limitations of time and space!”

His friend opened his suitcase similar to the manner doctors open their suitcase to take out the stethoscope to check the temperature of the patient. But he took a sword out of his bag and without asking anybody, in a fraction of a second, smashed it right across the chest of the old man. The old man cried loudly but then became comforted because still the sheath was not removed from the sword and the sheath was very soft.

The doctor and the old man’s son were shocked but decided to remain silent and were observing the movie with curiosity. There was nothing to lose for anybody. Even if the old man died, it would not hurt anybody because he was going to die anyhow. But as the sword hit the old man, gradually the sheath opened up but there was no knife in it, there were beautiful red roses which started coming out of it. The fragrance of the beautiful red roses gave tremendous peace and joy to all in the ward.

The friend told his son, “Distribute all these flowers to all patients in the hospital!” His son did not argue.

The old man looked into the eyes of his friend as if he was asking, “What the hell are you up to?”

His friend rolled his sleeves and was ready for tutorship. “The sword which I smashed across your body is a symbol of the first habit which tells you to RELEASE YOUR BODY.

Releasing your body means you focus on one part of your body starting from your head. Imagine the energies which are present there for 4-5 minutes and in a short time that area of the body will become heated up. As it becomes heated, let go of that part. Imagine that you have lost control of your head and now it has disappeared into the clouds.

The old man was listening to this with attention. The doctor lost interest and left to another ward to check other patients. His son was sitting in the room and began to surf the internet.

His friend continued, “Do this gradually for each and every part of the body, from top to bottom. Once you complete this exercise, you will feel that you are now free and independent. You will feel that you are flying in the sky. This will gradually purify your whole body and completely detoxify it?”

The old man smiled and agreed because he had no other option.

His friend continued, “Now you have taken care of the physical part of your body. Now you need to take care of the mental and spiritual plane!” After this, he held the old man’s right hand and closed one of his fingers as he had passed on the knowledge of the first habit.

The old man looked at his friend with inquisitive eyes and was ready to get more wisdom.

His friend said, “Now I will tell you the significance of how the sword gradually opened up and how beautiful roses came out of it!”

“These roses are the symbol of the second habit which is the practicing of MEDITATION, PRANAYAMA, and YOGASANA

His friend added, “Every day you do 15 minutes of Meditation, 15 minutes of Pranayama and 15 minutes of Yogasana. If you follow these methods you will get divine peace and complete control of your breath. There will be no stress, tension, or illness in you. Beautiful divine energies will begin to radiate from you, just as flowers started coming out of the sword!”

His friend paused and added, “For some time, you can ignore YOGASANA and start it after you begin to recover! Do Meditation and Pranayama for longer periods right now as you have more time.”

His friend looked at the old man, “Does this make sense?”

The old man did not listen because he had already begun to practice the first habit and was focusing on his head and his head had started to become hot. His friend increased his volume, “GOOD MORNING!” and the old man got back on track. The old man looked at his friend, smiled, and closed his second finger with only one finger remaining open.

The old man with great courage and effort somehow uttered, “THiRRRRRDDD HABITTT?” His son was shocked because the old man had never spoken since last one year and in a matter of just 1 hour after his friend had come, he had begun to speak.

His friend said, “Do you remember, I told your son to distribute the flowers to all the patients in the hospital?”

The old man was feeling better. He had not spoken for a long time, so he was eager to speak and he again said, “YES!” with his voice showing better improvement.

His friend said, “The significance of distributing roses is to do work of KINDNESS. The third habit which you need to cultivate is that of KINDNESS. Help people in whatever way you can, educate a child, give food to the needy, spread the knowledge I have given you to people. This will give you the greatest relief possible and satisfaction which you will otherwise never get. The blessings of the people whom you will help will heal you from inside as well as outside!”

Speaking thus, his friend closed his entire fist for a moment and then released it because the old man had no extra time for relaxation. He needed to work on these habits as early as possible before it was too late. But the old man had already started practicing the first habit.

His friend said, “Please permit me to go now as I have important work to do! I will keep on getting in touch with you every day at the park” The doctor who just came to the room along with his son were shocked by the confidence of his friend. They were not ready to believe that the old man would recover and they thought it was impossible for the old man to go to the park.

The old man smiled and with the great effort told his friend, “Thank you!”

The old man began practicing those habits from that day in the hospital room itself. He requested the doctor to give him medications for two more weeks after which he will leave for his home. The old man only got better from that day and gradually he became very healthy. He did not know if all his illnesses were cured because he never did any diagnosis for that.

That was 20 years back when he was 100 and now he had become 80 and his son had just completed his 100th birthday. The old man had told his son many times to follow this advice but his son never cared. He was like modern youth who say, “YOGA IS NOT FOR ME!”

I am sure, with this story, you will have got golden nuggets, the THREE HABITS which will transform your life and keep you young and healthy.

Habit 1. RELEASE YOUR BODY Focus on any one body part at a time for 4-5 minutes and then let it go as if that part has disappeared. Do it for all your body parts and in the end, feel as if you are flying in the sky.

Habit 2. Do MEDITATION, PRANAYAMA, and YOGASANA. These will give you divine peace and control over your breath.

Habit 3. Do acts of KINDNESS. Help your brethren, educate the poor, show empathy for the distressed, and pass on divine knowledge to the world.

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