3D scan about our real nature.

What is the true nature of all of us? Aggressive, passive, active, laidback, busy, idle, or happy. In the normal stressful world, we quickly discover that our nature is “activity”. We are all so busy, always engaged in one way or another, always doing something. However, time and again, our behavior changes, our thinking changes, sometimes things go out of our control, we begin to lose track of our activities. Now we have become agitated, irritated, aggressive, and even violent at times.

We also end up thinking that the nature of man is aggression, it is violence. It might seem very scary to us. Philosophers in the West have time and again tried to prove this to us. Thomas Hobbes, George Aantayana, Freud tried to prove that the fundamental nature of humans is aggression, violence. They said that our basic nature is not love, care, or sympathy. Many thinkers tried to prove this theory and misguided people into this false notion.

However, our real nature is far from it. It is happy, it is peaceful, it is joyful.

This point of view can be understood in various ways. If somebody is peaceful, happy and he says something good to us, we feel very good. Don’t we? However, if somebody shows disrespect to us or insults us, we indeed feel bad. It means that our mind likes joy, peace, and love. It likes to give love and inturn seeks love. When a little child is born, he is born crying and it is not possible to imagine what he might be thinking at that time. But the moment his mother takes him in her lap, he becomes glad, he feels happy, he gets a feeling of security. His mind was already seeking love, affection and the very glimpse of his mother fulfilled his wish.

One of the most wonderful examples we can take is that of 2 young children, 3-4 years of age, sitting in a park, and talking to each other. One of them tells the other that his father brought him a new toy. His friend lied and said that my father brought me two toys. No matter how illogical their discussion might be, but there is so much innocence, brotherhood, friendship hidden in them. It is as if their minds have embraced each other, without taking permission of their intellect. This happens because human nature is warmth, love, compassion.

However, most people would not be able to accept this fact unless they change their perspective and understand it more closely. Because we love happiness, love, and respect, we feel that even the other person to whom we are talking feels the same. Gradually the feeling of happiness spreads around us. Getting up with a smile on our face, showing warmth and love to all people, feeling peaceful, happy, this is our basic and fundamental nature.

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