4 Categories of People, you should never CHEAT in your life!

Though the topic seems a little bit weird but when I heard this from a sage, I found it very interesting and decided to share it with you. This is in reference to one of the incidents in the Vedic Scripture.

The sage said we should never betray 4 categories of people, our BROTHER, FRIEND, BUSINESS PARTNER, and GOD!

The first category is that of BROTHER. Wealth is one of the biggest reasons for disputes between people. Most of the families in which there are more members, issues related to wealth, somehow or the other arises. Now parents have a certain amount of wealth, certain land, gold, or maybe a shop. Now suppose the man becomes old and he has got 3 sons and 1 daughter. You can imagine how difficult it becomes for him to distribute his wealth to all! Things become even more complicated if his children have got married because the wives incite their husbands to get a better share.

And in most cases, the child who has got a better brain(and a strong wife) manages to get a greater portion of wealth and in turn incurs sin upon him by cheating his siblings. The curse of a brother who is betrayed by his fellow brother has got very deep and wicked effects.

What is the first thing, you think, happens when a lady dies and her body is lying down on the bed? One of his sons comes near the woman and takes the ornaments out of her body. It is very sad that these things are already playing on the children’s’ mind when their parents begin to age. SO WE ARE NOW PRETTY CLEAR THAT WE SHOULD NEVER CHEAT OUR BROTHER!

Now let us come to our second type of people who we should not betray and that is our FRIENDS. My simple question to you is if you want to cheat your friend, why in the first place you made friendship with him? The relationships of FRIENDSHIP is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world. It is because, we don’t have the option to choose our parents or brothers or sisters, but that is not the case when it comes to choosing FRIENDS. There are things which we are not able to share with our parents but we can only share it with our friends. What better example of Friendship we can have other than that of Krishna and Sudama? There can be different ways where people cheat with their friends. They might trap their FRIENDS and make them develop bad habits of drugs or smoking. They can cheat them by taking money from them and not returning them. They can trap their loved ones and form a relationship with them. This is also a very big sin whose effects will not be immediately visible but there will be feelings of remorse in the future which will lead to depression.

Now the third category of people are our BUSINESS PARTNER. Now the relationship with the business partner will always be under scrutiny and more often than not, it does not last long. It is because the basis of this relationship is wealth. That relationship works according to the calculation of percentages. One person would have invested more money, so he would get more percentage and calculations like these never allows person to be at peace. It works fine till the business is small but if the business becomes more successful, it becomes more complicated.

One of the other reasons why there are a lot of tensions in this relationship is that there is very little trust among people and there are always feelings of insecurities and a fear of fraud among partners. In most of the cases, there is a split and the partners separate their business. Generally, the person who is more cunning and intelligent takes away a greater amount of wealth. But if the distribution is done in a proper manner there is no problem but if there is any cheating or fraud on somebody’s part, it will incur a big sin.

And last but not least, never ever cheat GOD. But this is all of us do every minute, every hour, every day. We make so many promises to ourselves but we never ever make a sincere effort to achieve it. Every new year, we make new resolutions like “I WILL SPEAK TRUTH”, “I WILL NEVER HURT ANYBODY!”, “I WILL WORK HARD” but we keep on breaking those resolutions. We also ask for favors from God and promise him that once our wishes are fulfilled, we will do certain things. But we totally forget these when God fulfills our wishes. It is because we never acknowledge that HE gave us what we wanted but our desire keeps on increasing and we feel that we wanted more. If we are reading BHAGWAD GITA or BIBLE and if we are still not living by its principles then again we are cheating GOD. If anything we are doing makes us feel good in the heart, we are not cheating GOD but if we do something and have even a fraction of feeling of guilt, it means we are cheating GOD.

I am sure you would not have imagined such kind of classification for evaluating levels of cheating. Even I hadn’t done so, that is why I decided to write this article. When we say that we should not cheat these 4 categories of people(I know God is not a person but let us imagine for the time being), it does not mean we can cheat other people. Because if we cheat anybody, indirectly we are cheating GOD. But here the classification is done based on certain contexts in the Vedas and Upanishads.

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