4D’s for Success!

Diwali and New Year have already passed for the year 2020 for the Hindus in India. Then there will be Christmas and again there will be one more New Year which will be celebrated by the Christian. One thing which most people make on New Year is the plan or a roadmap for the coming year. Most of the people will ask each other, WHAT IS YOUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTION?

If people are young they set big and many times unrealistic goals which most of the time are never achieved. Even experienced people set goals and unfortunately, they also lose track. Some people have failed so many times after making their resolutions, so now they have stopped making resolutions. But people need to understand that goals can be achieved only by a proper PROCESS. People need to develop GOOD HABITS and only then they will be able to find tangible differences.

I will tell you about 4D’s that will aid you in achieving your goals.

Do you want to reach Mumbai? But are you aware of the direction? Do you know the route for it? Is there any guide who will give you proper information? It is very important to discover the proper direction before we begin our journey. Our energies, our efforts should be channeled in the proper direction otherwise we will definitely end up reaching an altogether different place.

Let me give you an example. Suppose you want to go to one village and it is exactly in a straight line and you do not need to move either to the left or to the right. If you travel in a straight line, you will easily reach there in half an hour. Now suppose your vehicle is directed by just 3-4 Degrees to the right and you begin your journey. Now you can imagine that at the end of half an hour you will end up deviating by a long distance from your original destination. So we need to decide upon a proper direction before we begin our journey.

Now the meaning of DEDUCTION is to reduce the unnecessary things, the distracting things when we begin to accomplish our goal. I am pretty sure that if you want to reach a village which is just 30 minutes away, you won’t require to have tea or coffee in between. But we have developed poor habits and because of this frequently get distracted. Mobiles and smart TVs are nothing but obstructions that will never allow us to accomplish our goals.

The best place to study is in the Library where there is no distraction. The best place to watch a movie is in the cinema hall where there is no distraction. We need to live a life that is very simple, which is also referred to these days as MINIMALIST living. Have only things that are required and get rid of unnecessary resources. DEDUCT all the unwanted material in your life.

Now their important pillar for success is DEDICATION. You have decided a correct DIRECTION and you have also DEDUCTED unnecessary obstructions. Now you know the direction towards the village and now you need to trust yourself and dedicatedly move towards your goal. Most of the people begin their task with great enthusiasm in the beginning but later on, they lose the motivation and never reach to their destination.

Only people who dedicatedly work towards their goals will succeed in life. For a talented sportsman to play one good series, is quite possible. But to become a great sportsman he will have to work with complete dedication all his life. He will need to take care of his habits like getting up at the right time, doing proper exercise, taking a proper diet, and doing proper practice. The fact that he has got a big vision, he will have to delicately work hard to achieve it. The same thing applies to students in college and businessmen who want to make a good profit. They need to work hard with complete dedication, only then they will get good results.

The last and probably the most important skill is DECISION. You have made the preparations, you have the raw material, you have learned the processes, now what you need to do is EXECUTE. Let me give you an example. Suppose there is a football team. They have got wonderful talented players who know their DIRECTION. All of them have streamlined their processes and have DEDUCTED from all that was unnecessary. They are also very DEDICATED. Now it is time for them to take proactive and bold decisions. If they have the manpower but do not take proper decisions, they will not be able to achieve their desire results.

You will definitely climb the ladder of SUCCESS. There is no shortcut to success or happiness. We need to have patience and need to persevere. We have to master all the 4D’s DIRECTION, DEDUCTION, DEDICATION and DECISION, only then we can succeed in life.

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