6 Methods to Avoid Getting in trap of unnecessarily scratching your credit card!

“What lunch you would like to have today?” the loving mother asked her sweet daughter. The daughter thought for a while and then innocently replied, “Please give me some options” The word “option” or “choice” has been greatly misused by the modern generation. People these days have got too many options for each and everything. The more the options or alternatives, the more difficult it becomes for a person to choose the right one.

There was a point when people wanted to buy something very urgently and they used to search for options as to where they could find that particular thing. However these days things have changed drastically. People go to the markets or malls and they create necessity out of options available to them. They look at all the items and then they feel, “May be this thing is offered at a discount and it will be useful to me in the long run” and then they buy the thing although it was not necessary. People go to buy garlic bread but they end up buying fancy tablespoons and vessels, different fruits and surprisingly a mobile cover because they could not resist buying it as it was offered at a discount.

I would term this as “Too many options” or “The Choice Mania” People reading this blog would know in their heart how much they are affected by this choice mania. It applies to both men, women as well as children. Men generally prefer deodorants or electronic gadgets and women might be guilty of buying too many garments. “Too many choices” is a very dangerous disease which has spread in the market which has hampered little children.

The person who buys unnecessary things can also be considered a person who does not have peace of mind, makes decisions in haste and ends up collecting too many things which are useless. I was very impressed when one philosopher saint told, “Whenever you buy a new thing it definitely accumulates in your home but first it creates an impression in your brain which will always stay at the back of your mind and will always bother you. The more such impressions the more unstable you will become”

We need to develop qualities of patience and satisfaction to overcome this diseases of having too many options. If a person is caught violating the traffic signal instead of fining him 100 rupees he should be told that you keep quite and stand without touching your mobile for one hour. I promise that he will never violate traffic rules again.

I also tried one method to restrict my kid who is fond of buying many things without any use when we went to the market. It may be toys or chocolates or pencils. I tell her that for this whole month I will buy you only two things(within my budget), so think carefully before you make any demand. Initially she could not resist so she buyed the two items earlier in the month. But could not buy anything even if it was necessary later in the month because the limit of 2 had been reached. But later on she waited patiently and took good decisions by doing proper analysis.

What are the ways one can overcome¬†“The Choice Mania”?

1. Prepare a list of items which you need to buy.
Make a list of things you need to buy only then go to the market. Make sure you do not buy anything except that mentioned in the list.

2. Analyse
Whenever you buy anything, first ask yourself, “Is this thing necessary for me or can it be ignored? Would this add any value to my life? Will there be any issue if I do not buy this item? Asking this question will surely give you correct answers.

3. Delay buying things.
Whenever you want to buy anything delay it for 2-3 weeks unless it is very urgent. Every few days think about it and analyse whether that thing is really required or it was just that we created a necessity out of curiosity. In most cases you will come to the conclusion after couple of weeks that the thing was not really required and mind was creating a need to buy that item.

4. Try not to take the wallet or purse.
If you go for a walk make sure you do not keep your wallet with you(along with your debit card) if possible. If you have got no money you will not be tempted to buy anything. If something is really required go back to home and only then buy that item.

 5. Decision making
Make sure you make your decisions related to purchasing things when you are fresh and also less disturbed. When we are restless or under stress we end up making decisions which are incorrect.

6. Discuss
Do not get ashamed. Whenever you need to buy anything discuss with your family members or friends before you purchase the thing. Most of the times you will get irritated because they will reject your suggestion to buy because it is not required. But try to convince them and if they do not get convinced then more often than not they are right.

On a lighter side, how about choosing a life partner. Here too, make sure you agree to tie the knot to a person whom you feel is good and acceptable. Looking for too many options may end up keeping you bachelor all your life.

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