A Dangerous Forced Exit!

It is better to let some things happen than force them to happen! It is better to let a child learn to walk and talk rather than forcing him to do it quickly. No matter how hard one may try, it will always take nine months for the baby to be born.

No matter how hard an employer tries, the new joiner will take his time to get used to the processes of the company. A newly married girl will take her time to get used to her new home. Let things take their own time. There will be struggles for all. The child will have to endure the struggle until he learns to walk. The mother will have to endure the pain for nine months, only then she will get her baby. The employer as well as the employee have to work their way out before things begin to fall in place.

There is no shortcut for anything. Our mouth starts to water when we read headings, “HOW TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL IN 7 DAYS?” or “HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT IN 24 hours?” But these shortcuts will never work. No matter in which profession you are, you will have to do the hard work.

Our daily busy schedule takes a toll not only on our physical body but also on the mental level. But there is no solution to it. We need to experience it, feel it, and live with it. The worst and the most dangerous thoughts which can come to our mind is, “I CANT HANDLE THIS ANYMORE!” or “THIS IS ENOUGH FOR ME!” or “I HAVE TRIED MY BEST BUT…!”

When we speak such statements, it basically means that we have given up in our life. We have tried everything and we have accepted the fact that now there is nothing which we could work on. These are the thoughts that lead us to depression and stress. And such a mental state results in people committing suicide which they consider as a SHORTCUT or a QUICKFIX or a FORCED EXIT. It is unimaginable that people resort to such an act that nobody could ever think of. The thing which all the people fear most in life is DEATH.

And people who commit suicide are so depressed that they conquer the fear of death. But people should understand that the problems which they are facing are pretty much faced by all people in the world. People face different problems at different times in their lives. The person who seems happy now may have seen a lot of hardships before or is going to face challenges ahead. So we are not the only ones who are facing problems.

If we dissect the reasons for problems, it could be only a handful. The reasons could be financial, love relationship, death of some relative, fear of failure, inferiority complex, lack of support from the family, etc. But all the people, as I said before, face such kind of problems in their life.

One very good method for people with such kind of feelings would be to study the lives of great people. If we peek into history, all the great men like Buddha, Vivekananda, Shankaracharya, Narendra Modi, Baba Ramdev, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, all of them faced problems in their life and the option for a Forced Exit or Suicide was available to them but they chose the tough road. They toiled day in and day out, took things in their strides, accepted criticism from people, and also stood firm when they faced physical violence.

As time went on, their struggles got defeated and they emerged as victorious. Let us discuss some methods which will help us to stay away from such feelings. We need to develop relationships with people. We need to have a strong bonding with our family members. It is seen these days that the concept of family is gradually diminishing and people are beginning to live isolated lives. If you are alone and lonely, negative and depressing thoughts will come into your mind.

Initially, people got married in their 20’s and gradually as times passed, the age of marriage kept on increasing. But the biggest struggles people face in life are somewhere from 20 to 40 years of age. So it is very important to marry at the right age so we can find our companion with whom we can share our feelings. It is said that “AN IDLE MIND IS A DEVIL’s WORKSHOP”

Similarly, we should also have good friends. We need to invest in our friendship. Do you have few friends who will come to help you even if you call them at midnight? We need to have friends with whom we can discuss our problems as they will be generally of our age. We need to be open and not hide things from people. If required, we should also take medical help.

The other important thing is our health. We need to make sure that we have good physical health. Poor health will only result in negative and toxic thoughts. If you are suffering from some illness, you will only have that thing in your mind. So invest time in taking care of your body. Anything like yoga, aerobics, swimming, jogging will be fine but we need to be fit enough to withstand all the pressures in our life.

The last thing which comes to my mind is Pranayama and Meditation. Pranayama is a wonderful technique that people have never explored. By doing Pranayama, we get control over our breath, and instead of short quick breaths, our breathing pattern slows down and we get more oxygen level. This is just a little of the huge advantages which Pranayama offers us but it is beyond the scope of discussion here.

Meditation is a fantastic method which will help us relax our mind. Because people find conventional meditation very tough, more methods like Guided Meditation, Meditation by listening to music, affirmations, came into the picture and all of them work wonderfully well.

To develop a stable mind devoid of any negative thinking we need to utilize all the things which we have discussed. It begins with investing in your relationships with family, friends, taking care of health, doing meditation and pranayama, and not getting depressed with roadblocks in life. All of these are important but surprisingly they are not too difficult, as you might be feeling now. Spending few minutes with your family every day, meeting your friends once a week, doing 10 minutes of Yoga, 5 minutes of meditation, this is all it takes and you will be surprised how different and easy you will feel.

1. Develop healthy relationships with your family and friends.
2. Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama
3. Fast walking and chanting of Om
4. Tell yourself, “I am not the only one who is facing the problem. Everybody is facing the same issues.”
5. Tell yourself, “I will keep on making efforts and look for little improvements”
6. SUCCESS of FAILURE is just a state of mind.

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