The word social media has become very common these days. There was a time in the old period when people had large families and a great number of relatives. People used to regularly interact with each other and there was great interaction between all of their relatives and friends. People celebrated occasions together and even traveled a lot of distance to participate in the events.

Meeting with more people and having more friends is very helpful to a person, it has been proved by science. A person who is interactive with other people and regularly in touch with other people has fewer chances of being a victim of dangerous diseases. People who are socially more active have also greater chances of recovering from diseases like heart attack, etc compared to people who are lonely and close-minded.

However, gradually when people became too busy in their work, their family became small in number, instead of 7-8 children people started having 1-2. Due to financial constraints, even women started getting actively involved in business and jobs. Interaction between people kept on decreasing. Due to high levels of pressure of the modern world and incorrect methods of living like ignorance towards health, improper diet, made people very lazy and isolated so much so that they did not even know who their neighbors were.

Then arrived the social media. The advent of applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram caught the attention of people. Initially, only the youngsters with good knowledge of using gadgets used it. They started connecting with each other, making friends, sharing a lot of information with each other. It became a very good medium of interaction between all the people when it was not possible to meet them personally. However, without too much knowledge people started overusing social media and gradually started becoming addicted to it. The application stored a lot of data about the user like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, etc which drew more attention from people. People started to congratulate and wish each other through the internet itself.

People started getting the impression that applications like these are good substitutes for meeting people personally. People started to use these applications to post their pictures and get more appreciation from people. Modern mobiles also provided features where people can take their own pictures what was termed as “selfie”. A kind of competition developed between people as if to prove that “Look at me, I am so attractive.” By posting their pictures of their children participating in different events they try to declare to the world, “My kid is so talented and attractive.”

Children learn from the habits of parents. Looking at their parents using so much social media the children started getting addicted to it as well. The sharp IQ of children these days made it very easy for them to learn these apps. It becomes a headache for parents when their children even during their exams start surfing the internet. Instead of spending time with their friends and playing outdoor sports, they started spending time on video games and using social media which makes the children physically lazy and mentally disturbed.

Social media has its own advantages where people can pass on useful information when required. In times of emergency it can be extremely useful. By using video calls important meetings could be arranged sitting at home itself.

However, the disadvantages of using social media outweighed the advantages it provided. People started using social media as a substitute for meeting people personally which indirectly made them distant from their relatives and friends.

The clever people creating social media made the applications so easy to use that gradually even people old at age could learn it very easily. More number of people using such applications provided a platform for marketing where the owners of social media started making loads of money.

People have gradually realized that the so-called social media is a time killer, makes a person lazy, and also isolated from other people and leads to deterioration of their health. However, in spite of such knowledge people are so much used to it and addicted to it that it seems to be impossible for them to get out of this habit.

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