Affirmations! Positive messages to our own selves!

What is an affirmation? This is the first question which you will have. AFFIRMATION is a kind of message which we are giving to ourselves so that we make gradual progress in reaching our desired goal or destination. Let us take an example, the affirmation which I use every day when I get up is WITH THE BLESSING OF GOD, I AM FIT AND HEALTHY. Now, this is the message I am giving to my subconscious mind with complete trust that all the hidden energies inside me or in the universe will help me achieve my goal.

Affirmations, ideally, are not spoken in our mind but there are spoken loud enough so that we can hear them. Our mind has got two parts, one of them is the conscious mind which helps us in taking all the decisions. But there is a more powerful subconscious mind that has got miraculous power. It can help us achieve anything provided we know how to unleash its powers. The subconscious mind is very powerful but it is neutral. It accepts whatever message or food we give to it.

Suppose we give the message I AM FEELING VERY TIRED, the subconscious mind will accept it and its miraculous powers will create an environment where you will become tired, even if you are not. But on the other hand, if you are really tired and want to become energized, you need to give it a positive message, I AM FEELING ENERGETIC AND LIVELY, and the subconscious mind has the powers to create conducive circumstances for you.

These positive messages are nothing but AFFIRMATIONS. We have to carefully select few messages which we can speak regularly so that we can provide positive food to our subconscious mind. Now let us again analyze the message of the person who has become tired. He can use the AFFIRMATION that I AM NOT TIRED, I AM TOTALLY FIT! Now there is also a little error in this affirmation because the word TIRED is being used in this AFFIRMATION. As I said our subconscious mind accepts anything you give it without any bias.

So you need to select AFFIRMATIONS which will help you achieve your goal in life. An AFFIRMATION of a cricket player will be I WILL BE THE BEST BATSMAN IN THE WORLD. The AFFIRMATION of a poor person would be I WANT TO BECOME RICH PERSON in the world. Now we can do little analysis on the message of the cricket player. He might say, I WILL BECOME BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD, the subconscious mind might find this message little difficult to understand. It would better if the SPORTSMAN use affirmation like I WILL SCORE 1000 runs in 1 year to give some concrete data to the subconscious mind.

If you are using words like I WANT TO…. in your affirmations it means you are still uncertain whether you will succeed or not. So ideal AFFIRMATION should be “I AM…”

The power of AFFIRMATIONS has been scientifically proved and there are a number of examples that can be given to support this. But most of the time, we have already reaped the benefits of AFFIRMATIONS but we are unaware of it. Sometimes people say, I have been dreaming of a wonderful car and now I have got it. It is also a kind of AFFIRMATION. The person is constantly thinking about the car and the circumstances become such that he ends up getting the car after his message to the subconscious mind became clear and persistent. There are also times when we feel that we were just thinking about a person and he suddenly arrived. This is also indirectly connected with the subconscious mind.

These days most of the language used by people is negative and demoralizing. People generally use language like I AM BORED IN LIFE, I HATE MY JOB, I WISH I WAS…. This is silently accepted by our subconscious mind and we indeed become BORED and also BEGIN TO HATE OUR JOBS.

Care should also be taken about the kind of food we take and the environment in which we have our food. The motive behind the food prepared by a hotel owner would be mostly on the financial side. When he is preparing the food he will be thinking YOU EAT FOOD, I MAKE MONEY. Foodgrains have the power to absorb all the thoughts and when we eat that food, we lose its purity and provide improper diet to our body and mind. The same thing applies in the case of water. When we drink water, if we are not mindful and watch some unpleasant events, the negative energies will enter our body through the water.

Our subconscious mind is also very active during our sleep. If we speak any negative language while going to bed, our subconscious mind will absorb those words and those thoughts will, over a period of time, become our character. So the most important time for speaking AFFIRMATIONS is while we get up from the bed and just before going to sleep. Equally important times are when we have our food and when we drink water.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam used wonderful affirmations in his life. He would always insist on people to repeat these 5 affirmations immediately after getting up from the bed.

1. I am the Best.
2. I can do it.
3. God is always with me.
4. I am a Winner.
5. Today is my day.

The language we use, our behavior, our affirmations will have direct impact on our children. We started using garbage words and negative language after certain years of our life. We are facing consequences of such words even now as our mind has become polluted. So you can imagine the effect of improper or negative language used in front of our kids and how disastrous it will be prove for them as they begin to grow up.

We have three main spheres of life, as I can understand. One is physical, the second is emotional or mental and the final one is spiritual. I would advise all of you to design one affirmation for each sphere and repeat it for few times a day with sincerity, trust, and love. Say it religiously and you will see benefits, not immediately, but over a period of time. You can email me the affirmations you repeat every day at my email address, [email protected] I will sometime in the future create a blog with affirmations from different people.

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