Analyzing the ways to explore God.

God is to be realized, he is not about seeing but to be felt, to be loved. We have heard this many times. Swami Vivekananda says, “The goal of mankind is to manifest the divinity within yourself.”

There are a lot of people who are aspiring to realize God, to make growth in spirituality. It is not an easy task and we all know about it. It takes years and years of dedicated effort to achieve this. It requires strict discipline. Discipline in our overall life, be it our diet, be it our habits as well as all the rest of our activities.

Once a disciple asked his Master, “I have made so much effort, I do regular meditation, read scriptures, etc. However I don’t think I have made much progress, I have developed a kind of depression.” His master replied I have only one solution to your problem. It is “Struggle, struggle, struggle !!!”

Let us understand this by a wonderful example. Suppose there is a big kitchen with a lot of foodstuffs. Anybody can have food here, it is free. The only condition for this is that you have to cook the food yourself. Some people will rush to get the food, they will come first, cook the food and have it. They feel why should I wait if any way I will need the food. Some people are lazy. They will have their food when they get very hungry, sometime late in the evening or night. Some people are so lazy that even they are so hungry, they would rather stay hungry then take the burden of cooking the food.

The same process applies to spirituality for the realization of God. It will require constant struggle and the most important thing is how much intensity we maintain for God-realization. We cannot wait like lazy people who would eat only when they are very hungry. Intensity will have to be regularly raised as if we are pleading God to give us the realisation of himself. The first step for this would be to find our spiritual master or teacher, follow his advice and keep our intensity level to highest. There will always be times when we will feel frustrated, start having doubts in our minds. We may also get thoughts like, “Does God exist or not?” In this situation our master will guide us on the right path, he will provide us with spiritual food. However, keeping intensity will be our responsibility.

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