At what stage is COVID right now? Is this the final wave?

The pandemic as it stands on third may 2021 is indeed proving to be deadly. When it started at the beginning of last year it seemed very scary as it was just the starting point. We were scared by the numbers which started from 10’s then 100’s and then jumped into 1000s.

But now we can understand the real scary threat which it generates. The enemy had come but we underestimated its wrath and its capacity. With more understanding and more experience about the virus, it seemed things will gradually fall in place. And things were falling in place, as were made to believe by the system.

But why has there been a sudden spike in the cases? The daily figure as I am writing this article is approximately 3.5 to 4 lacs. You got to be kidding! A disease which was identified more than one year back and is well in control all over the world, how can it be so widely spread in our country? And it is hardly possible to trust this data as you always smell a foul wherever government comes into the picture(sadly). This is the minimum figure, I guess.

Every time a phone rings, or some neighbor calls you to exchange some information, you become skeptical. Is there someone who is severely infected or has someone passed away? I knew about a lot of my close friends and relatives who were suffering from COVID but not all of them. But then I along with my wife and 2 kids became COVID positive. And then whenever we told somebody that we were tested positive, they told us X person in their family or their circle is positive. It is very much implied that in all families, with few exceptions, few members have fallen prey to it.

But you make ask WHAT EFFORT HAS GOVERNMENT DONE ON ITS PART? IS THERE ANY LAW AND ORDER IN PLACE? Or let us put it in another way, IS IT POSSIBLE FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO CONTROL THIS CRISIS? When you see the ministers inviting people in lacs to attend their election rallies, you lose total hope. It is futile and stupid to expect any help from them. The battles have to be fought alone. Nobody will or can fight it for us.

There was a miscalculation on the part of people in the last wave when they thought that the virus had almost gone. But it didn’t and unfortunately attacked with more power. There are also superheroes in our country who would say I AM NOT WORRIED ABOUT CORONA! I DON’T CARE! I BELIEVING IN ENJOYING. But most of these superheroes have become humble and lost their zeal this time but unfortunately passed this stuff to other people.

So what is my take on this virus right now?
I am no astrologer or an expert scientist, but this is my gut. With such a huge number of people getting infected. The virus will gradually lose its momentum. There will be not many people left for it to attack because many would have already been infected and many would have been vaccinated. Unless there is a new variant and let us pray that there is no such variant, things will begin to fall in place.

Please also share about your take on the virus.

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