Beware! You can develop SPIRITUAL EGO

“Ego”, is one word which we hear most frequently these days. “You have developed ego”, “He is very intelligent and very good looking, but better not talk to him, he is very egoistic.” “Talk to him in a polite manner, he is the boss make sure you don’t hurt his ego”. These sentences are constantly used in our daily lives. Even children, shockingly have started to use this word very often these days. What exactly does this word mean? It can be simply described as, “Taking false pride in doing something, it is related to developing self-esteem, self-importance”.

What is the reason that a person develops an ego?. When a person forgets his real nature and imagines himself to be above everybody else, he develops ego. Most of the people who develop ego are of a lonely nature, they don’t interact with people because they have a superiority complex. Anyways who would like to talk to a person who will not give him respect and is very closed by nature? People who are very successful in life in terms of wealth or any art, they are also trapped by ego. People who cannot understand the feelings of other people are also egoistic in nature because they cannot see life from the other person’s perspective. “I am right. You are wrong”, this is ego.

One of the means to eradicate ego is to develop qualities of spirituality in ourselves. By doing regular prayers and enhancing our faith in God we realize that it is God who does all work, I am a mere instrument in his hands. However, many people as they become more spiritual can also develop an ego. When they develop a command of the scriptures and power of speech they might also get trapped, which is termed as Spiritual Ego“I have memorized all the 700 verses of Bhagwad Gita” “I do meditation for 1 hour every morning” Feelings like this divert the seeker of God in the wrong direction. The more the ego they develop, the farther they divert from their destination. The Guru or the master always explains to his students to stay away from the ego and not to take any pride in their work.

Most of the differences and tensions which have arisen in different religions, are partly due to the rigidity of people and taking false pride for their religion. People always feel that only their religion is true and do not have any respect for another person’s religions. The great saints in the past have always explained to people that all religions are true and the purpose of all religions is to realize God.

The Guru’s or the master’s advice can be the aid to protect us against developing the spiritual ego. To have more faith in God we need to regularly remind ourselves that God is the commander we are all the mere instruments in his hands.

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