Bring positivity during CORONA negativity!

Is this a challenging time in our life? Who can disagree with this because it surely is? Is there anything that can be done about it? Surely the scientists can but most of us can not. Nobody, in fact, is clear about what is going on because things are happening so fast. Super-fast! Aren’t they?

If you keep on looking at the matrix INFECTED, DEAD, CURED things are surely rushing. For some people, the last month might have been a harsh punishment, for some it was loneliness, for others’ depression related to financial aspects, and for others’ it was something which they are yet to understand(like me).

But life will go on! This too shall pass! There is nothing permanent in life but change!

How would you understand the feelings of laughter if you have never cried? A person who has never failed in exams, how would he understand the joy a student experiences who barely manages to pass? Who would understand the importance of life but a person who is cured of an incurable disease? Imagine a few of the challenging situations in your life and how you came out of it victoriously.

Were you not scared and felt hopeless during those times? You would have surely felt that there is no way you will be able to come out of it. I certainly was scared when I went to give the Social Studies examinations in 10th standard but only God knows how I managed to pass. The accident I had on my bike has now become a distant memory which has only made me strong mentally. This applies to all of us.

Most of us are complaining about loneliness and frustrations of getting trapped in our homes. But we need to transform our loneliness into solitude.

Oops! Solitude! What is that? It is a new term for all of us. Solitude is the feeling of being aware of your soul. If you sit at your bed, close your eyes, concentrate on your breath, that is solitude! If you disconnect from the outside world and do a few minutes of meditation, that is solitude. CONNECT WITH YOUR SOUL. Is this not an ideal opportunity to connect with your soul?

I understand, you are feeling a little uncomfortable with the word Solitude and wondering how we can reach that state. You want me to give you some precise methods to achieve solitude. Umm! One of them can be watching Ramayana, analyzing the life of Ram will surely bring peace and tranquility. I am sure the pain of Corona would be much lesser than going to exile for 14 years which Ram did without any provision of food and shelter.

You can read a good positive book. For people who don’t read books, you can listen to audiobooks and their translations on YouTube. Recently, I bought a plan for audible books on Amazon and already listened to one whole book.

Wow! What better meditation it can be than to spend time with your kids. Whatever stress or fatigue I have for the whole day gets erased, when I look at my 2-year-old kid. I don’t how can he laugh in such a short time after he has cried loudly. Or is he playing a prank on me? Merely observing his innocent mannerisms recharges my batteries (though when he makes me stay awake at night, it is not all goody, goody! )

Greedy for more! In the last month, I believe you have taken a lot of rest and exceeded the average number of hours of your sleep. This is an ideal opportunity for you to develop a habit of getting up at 5 AM and becoming a morning bird instead of a night owl. Read the book MIRACLE MORNING by Hal Elrod and watch his videos on YouTube. The book 5 AM club by Robin Sharma can also prove to be a big help to you to change your sleeping patterns. It will prove to be a life-transforming habit in your life.

Before I forget, I will like to share one more idea with you. This one helped me a lot. I along with my whole family have become mobile addicts and feeling guilty just like you. Reserve a day when you will switch off your mobiles for the whole day. Or just keep one mobile switched on for emergency calls but don’t use the internet on it. The more uncomfortable you feel without your mobile, the more you have become mobile addicts. For such people, this experiment is all the more useful.

To summarize the whole topic, I will say enjoy individuals moments of life. We have let the past month pass like the water which slips into the sea and have made little use of it. We have run all over lives but now is the time to go a little slow. Make sure you make all the seconds and minutes count in your life.

Don’t let the hands of the clock move too fast. Slow down, introspect, and enjoy your solitude. Pray for the well being of your brethren all over the world. Pray to the almighty to help us come out of this problem because this is all we can do. Let us thank all the community helpers like the doctors, nurses, reporters, emergency service providers, etc who have put their life on risk and continue to work for us. Let us pray to God so that he helps the scientists to come out with a super solution.

I have given you a lot of advice for free. I should rather charge some money for that. It is not that I need money but because people never value things given for free. So on behalf of paying me, please donate some money to PM Care Fund so the government can provide help to our countrymen. Service to men is service to God!

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