Children Story: Bhima and Hanuman

Arjuna was one of the five pandavas. He went to the Himalayas to get more weapons from Lord Indra because in case of war he would require greater power.

In the absence of Arjuna, all the brothers and Draupadi felt sad and unhappy. For a change, they decided to go out for rest and get more peace and finally they reached the Narayanasrama forest.

At that time wind blew from North East and Draupadi experienced a sweet fragrance. She wanted that flower from which she experienced the fragrance.

Bhima told Draupadi, “Don’t worry, I will bring that flower for you.”

Bhima went in search of that flower, in the middle of his path he found an old monkey sitting on the ground. Bhima told the monkey, “Get out of my way. I want to go.”

The monkey said, “I am old, I cannot move.”

Bhima said with pride, “You know who I am, I am Bhima, the most powerful person on this earth. Look at my body, look at my chest, look at my biceps. I can throw you by side in 1 moment”

The monkey said, “If you are so powerful, you can move my tail by the side and you can go.”

Angrily Bhima bent down, “I will pick his tail and throw aside.” He told himself.

Bhima bent down and tried to pick the monkey’s tail which was in a zig-zag form. He could not pick his tail. He was surprised, he tried very hard but couldn’t even move his tail a little.

He got surprised, he asked the monkey, “Who are you? How can I not even move your tail which is so light even a little bit although I am so strong.”

“I am Hanuman. I did not move my tail. You had developed so much ego and pride so I decided to teach you a lesson”, Hanuman said.

“Forgive me God!! I will never behave badly with anybody now.”, Bhima said.

“I have forgiven you, Bhima. I taught you this lesson so that you don’t become overconfident in the war against Kauravas and lose the war”, hanuman explained to Bhima.

Hanuman moved to the side, Bhima went and collected the flower and gave it to Draupadi.

Moral of the story: “We should not have ego and disrespect anybody.”

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