Children story: Nambi & Ganpati.

Nambi was a great scholar and devotee of Lord Ganpati. He was a great devotee of Lord Ganpati who blessed him with knowledge.

Nambi’s father was a very good person and had a great love for God. Nambi’s father made a small temple for prayer in the corner of the house. He kept a small statue of Ganpati in the temple, he had a great love for Ganpati.

Nambi saw his father carrying clothes for Ganpati and bananas to the temple every day in the morning.

“Father why do you take clothes and bananas everyday to the temple?” Nambi asked his father.

“Lord Ganpati stays in our house. Every day I clean his body, wear his new clothes and offer him food.” father said.

Nambi also wanted to see Ganpati but he never went to the temple with father because he was very lazy.

One day Nambi’s father had to go outside for 2 days. Before going he told Nambi, “In the next 2 days you get up early in the morning, go to the temple and bath Ganpati as your mother does to you and offer Ganpati bananas for food”

The next day Nambi took the bananas and clothes of Ganpati and went inside the temple. He cleaned the whole body of Ganpati and wore his new clothes. Then Nambi stood in front of the image of Ganpati and told him, “Ganpati, now you eat these bananas, as you eat every day with my father.”

Nambi did not know that it was not real Ganpati but an image of him. His father forgot to tell Nambi that every day he offered bananas to Ganpati before prayer and after the prayer was completed he gave all the bananas to the cow.

Ganpati did not eat the bananas. Nambi became very sad, he said, “Ganpati, why you are not eating bananas, you don’t like me? Do you only like my father?”
But the image of Ganpati remained unmoved. Nambi started crying and said, “My father will come after 2 days, so if you don’t eat bananas you will become hungry and become ill”

When Ganpati did not eat the bananas, Nambi said, “If you don’t eat the bananas, I will not eat my food as well. I will also stay hungry for 2 days.”

When Ganpati heard about the prayers of Nambi, he became very impressed. He came out of the image and ate all the bananas with Nambi.
Ganpati became a big friend of Nambi. Everyday Nambi used to go near the image of Ganpati and talk to him for a long time. Ganpati is the most knowledgable and intelligent among all Gods. Ganpati gave all the education to Nambi and Nambi went on to become a huge scholar.

The moral of the story is, “Love God and have great faith in him.”

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