Come Forward! Donate during COVID!

“When the battle becomes intense, true warriors are identified!” The battle against the Corona Virus has now become intense. The virus has become a ghost and he is ready to swallow absolutely anybody because he has no mercy. The virus is indeed deadly but we are not. The virus, though very deadly, cannot think or act. Human beings are the only creatures who are blessed with unique qualities to think and reason. And to explore and act. Not just react. As the number of people getting infected increases, it has posed very serious questions to men all over the world.

It is a challenge for people all over the world to maintain discipline, it is a challenge to the scenarists to come with a solution, it is the challenge about the quality of compassion in men to help their brethren in times of need. We keep our fingers crossed that the scientists will quickly come with a solution. But we have to focus on things on which we have control and that is to maintain discipline and help our brethren.

There is always compassion and love hidden in man. The only thing which is required is to express that compassion and love. We at “SweetNectar” have made serious efforts and provided methods which will guide you on how to help mankind when it is in total disarray.

You can donate money online to the following websites.

1. PM Cares Fund
2. PM Relief fund
3. GlobalGiving Fund
4. World Health Organization Fund

To spread the positive message and videos, you can join the following Group. SweetNectar Charity Group. If you have done some kind act of donation or want to share some information that will be helpful to people, you can post videos or messages here. This group is created for sharing videos where you have done some kind of work and you want to inspire other people to do the same. Do not put any unnecessary or fake videos in this group.

There is no point in checking the numbers about how many people are infected or how many people have died, we have to focus on areas where we have control. We have control over our methods of living and maintaining discipline, we have control over influencing others, we have control over offering help to others. We are very positive that very quickly everything will be taken by God in his own control.

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