“D E A T H” Is this not the most frightening word for all the people living in this world? And is it not the ultimate reality in life? Does everybody not know that all of us are going to die one day.

“We know that one day, we will be no more!” But still, the thought of death itself scares us so much. Maybe the reason for this is that we have never seen death, faced death, and maybe we never want to get dead.

When we go to attend a funeral, most of us do not know what has to be done there. Offering your condolence is just one of the formalities which are performed by all. But the thing which bothers all of us is quite different. We imagine that we will also lie on the bed like that person who is lying on his death bed. We feel scared, uncomfortable, and anxious.

Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come. – Rabindranath Tagore

We also remember the people whom we love most. We get frightened by thinking that what if one of our loved ones dies. We close our eyes and pray to God so that the people whom we love most along with our own self do not encounter death

But we know in our heart that we all are going to die. We also offer different prayers or may be conditioned to God. A father may request God, “Let my children get settled in their life and then I will complete all my responsibilities. Spare me till that time!” A lady may pray, “I cannot imagine living the life of a widow. So God let me die before my husband leaves the world”

Wait for death with a cheerful mind. For it is according to nature, and nothing is evil which is according to nature. – Marcus Aurelius

Many people would pray, “I am prepared to die but make sure when I die, I have good health and am not dependent on anybody”

It is as if God is a judge and we are furnishing all the details and requests to him about death.

I will tell you a mythological story about death. There was a brahmin living in a remote village. He did good deeds in his entire life. He would offer free food to people, give money to the needy, and educate the children. He was also a very religious person by nature. But one thing which always made him anxious or curious was the knowledge of death. He always wanted to understand more about death because he had never really seen it and wondered why are people so scared about death. The brahmin after living a noble life finally got ill and was counting his last breath. When God came to know about it, he told the brahmin, “I am very pleased by the way you have lived your life. I will grant you one boon, you can ask for anything and I will grant you your wish”

The brahmin said “I do not want anything but I only want little bit of knowledge!”

Lord said, “Go Ahead Son! I will answer any question you have.”

The brahmin said, “I want more knowledge about death. What is death? Why are people so fearful of death? Are there any rebirths? Does God take into account our actions which we perform all our life”

The Lord said, “These are very difficult questions which you will not understand. If you want I can grant you anything. I can give you a boon where you will never face death so you will not have to think about death”

But the brahmin said, “I am prepared to die as everybody does. If you want grant anything, just give me knowledge about death”

God had no alternative left and acceded to his demand.

We can also get a lot of answers about death if we think closely about it rather than get frightened about the very word or feeling. If people try to understand death more closely they will be less intimidated by it. It is best to keep a neutral feeling, “All the people in the world will die, and so will I”. It is best to repeatedly tell our self, “Anybody at any time, irrespective of age, health, wealth, status is going to die and nobody can intervene in this process.”

We need to explain our self, “Every time a new baby comes to the world one person has to leave the world and that person can surely be us”

For those who seek to understand it, death is a highly creative force. The highest spiritual values of life can originate from the thought and study of death. – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

There are lot of queries which people have which only increases the confusion about death. People speak about rebirths, some talk about heaven or hell and so many more things which are not required when we think about death.

A beautiful proverb explains us, “Nothing is permanent in this world but change!”

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