IKIGAI is a Japanese term which means “A REASON FOR BEING” or “DISCOVER THE REASON FOR YOUR LIFE”. You can see the diagram and it is pretty self-explanatory. We need to introspect whether is there anything for which we have PASSION and we are GOOD AT IT, WE GET WELL PAID FOR IT and at the same time, it is also REQUIRED AND HELPFUL TO THE WORLD.

If we are doing any such thing, we have discovered our IKIGAI.

If we look carefully at the diagram,

1. Things which we love AND Things which we are good at deciding upon our PASSION.
2. Things on which we are GOOD AT and things for which we are PAID FOR decides upon our PROFESSION.
3. Things for which we get PAID and their REQUIREMENT FOR THE WORLD is called VOCATION.
4. Things which we LOVE and if these things are NEEDED IN THE WORLD, it is our MISSION.

There was a place in an island Okinawa in Japan. It was found that it had the highest average of people whose age was above 100 years. The author of the book IKIGAI decided to visit that place and he found different reasons as to why these people stayed healthy and motivated to live for such a long time. One of the main reasons he found was that these people had found their IKIGAI(meaning for life).

There were also other factors which people followed on that island like they were particular about their diet, they did exercise, they had good social bonding and also maintained family relations. These factors contributed to people discovering their IKIGAI.

IKIGAI can only be discovered when we are in a FLOW STATE. FLOW STATE means when we get so much absorbed in our work that we forget the past and future but are fully focused on the task at hand. When we achieve that state, it helps us discover our IKIGAI. Reaching to the FLOW STATE is possible by following methods like taking up challenges in life, having a firm vision of whatever work you do, and focusing on only one task at a time.

Diet and moderate exercise also play a very important role to have peace of mind and maintaining good energy levels. Our diet should consist of grains, rice, and fresh fruits. We should proper moderate exercise, take the proper amount of sleep, and not do any task which puts stress on us.

All these factors when get combine, we discover our IKIGAI.

Now, the author has given us a summary of 10 points which will help us achieve our IKIGAI.

1. Never Retire. Stay Active.
2. Don’t Hurry! Go Slow!
3. Don’t overeat and consume only 80% of your diet.
4. Socialize with people.
5. Get in shape for your next birthday.
6. Smile.
7. Reconnect with nature.
8. Say Thank you to God.
9. Be in the Present Moment.

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