Do you agree that God does partiality?

We have seen that there are two divisions generally created in society. One of them is considered as the rich class who have a lot of wealth and prosperity, the other one is the poor class, all the people who are in want of money and food and are dependent on the rich class of people fall into this category. The poor class are looked down upon and always face exploitation by the upper class, they always have an inferiority complex. Everybody wants to be rich, nobody wants to belong to the poor class.

However, when it comes to God, he doesn’t know any class, he gives his blessings to all. He loves people who have faith in him and love him no matter which class they belong to.

We will understand this with a beautiful story of a small girl.
There was a small girl who lived in a poor family. Her parents were very poor and did labor all day and did not earn too much. They felt that it would be better if their daughter would become a servant of some rich people, so she will get better food and clothes.

They sent their daughter to a rich person’s house. She did all the work of the house, washed clothes, cleaned vessels, took care of the whole house. She saw that there were little kids who were playing in the ground from the window. She also wanted to play. But she felt that I am so poor and have never gone to school, so who will play with me? And if I play who will do the work of the house? She felt very sad and then started working again.

One day Sadhus(holy priest) came to the village. They announced that they will create an image of Lord Buddha in the next month and whoever wants to contribute any kind of metal, they can donate it to us. Out of the metals they get, they will create the idol of Lord Buddha.

On hearing this, the little girl felt that she should also contribute some metal, but she felt very sad because she was so poor and had no metal with her. Suddenly while cleaning the dustbin, she found a small copper coin. It had rust developed on it. She felt that she would donate this for the creation of an idol.

When the sadhus came for collection of metals, all the people contributed with some kind of metals, be it gold, silver, iron, diamond, etc. When the little girl saw the sadhus, she showed them the copper coin and told them, “Will you take this small coin and use it for creation of idol?” Looking at the small coin and with rust all over it, Sadhus asked her, “From where did you get this coin? She said that she got it from the dustbin. On hearing this the sadhus said, “we cannot take this dirty coin to build a holy image of God!!!”

The little girl became very sad and started crying.

The day came for the creation of the idol. All the metals which were offered by people were put in the blazing heat of the fire. These metals turned into a liquid paste after the heat it got. Now the sadhus put the whole liquid created out of metal in a very huge container that had the shape of Lord Buddha created in it.

After 2 days, they said that now the big idol would be created. All the people gathered in the morning, ready for doing all the puja and prayers to God. But when the Sadhus opened the container they saw that the idol was not properly created, it had rough patches on it. In the idol, Lord Buddha looked sad instead of a smile on his face.

Looking at this the head of all the Sadhus called all the Sadhus. He asked, “Have you taken any gift from people, forcefully?” Everybody said that they never took any gift forcefully. Then he asked again, “Did you reject any gift offered by people?.” One Sadhu said, “There was a poor girl who gave me a small copper coin but it had rust developed on it and she had got it from waste.” The head of all Sadhus told him, “Go and get the coin from the poor girl. Her gift is most valuable out of all the gifts. All the rich people have so much wealth, yet they have given only some gifts. But the little girl had only one small coin and even then she gave it because she had so much love for God.”

The sadhu went to the girl and said “You wanted to give the copper coin. Where is it?.” She said, “You did not accept the coin because it was dirty so every day I started cleaning it, and now it has developed a shine on it.” The Sadhu said, “Give it to me, no matter what the condition of it might be.”

Now again all the people gathered for the creation of the image. They melted the whole image again, this time they also added the copper coin which the little girl had given with so much love.

This time when the container was opened, the idol looked wonderful. The idol was smooth, with a golden color and with a smile on Lord Buddha’s face. There was also a small round mark near the heart of Lord Buddha as if it was the small copper coin that the poor girl had given with love.

The moral of the story is that God loves all of us whether we are young or old, rich, or poor. But the people he loves most are those who have great faith and love for him.

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