Do You Get Worried About What People Think About you? Here is the solution…

“What other people think about me is not my problem?” Such a beautiful quote was spoken by a notable speaker. But the biggest problem these days is people keep on thinking, “What are people thinking about me?” These things always stay at the back of the mind of all people. People think so much about it that, they lose their creativity, personal space. But little change in mindset can help us get out of this problem.

The first important thing you need to imprint in your brain is, What other people think depends upon their thoughts, feelings, and programming in their minds. We may not know whether the intention of the other person is good or bad. And our actions are influenced by our own thoughts, feelings, and our ingrained habits. So it should not make any difference if a person who is altogether a different entity thinks about us. Although the label attached to both are the same, we are HUMANS, but there is a huge difference.

There will always be attempts made by people to make your feel inferior or to criticize you without your faults. Backbiting is also something which is too common these days. But the fact of the matter is that the negative things which people say are the emotional poison they throw on us. And what do we do? We tell them, “Yes! Give the Poison to me, I am ready to swallow it!”

It is highly imperative that we do not take anything personally. Another problem which I have observed is that people keep on thinking that, whatever is being said or done is done by keeping “me” in mind. “I am the center of attraction!” This is also a very incorrect method of living. Lots of things which people say or are not related to me but we think that they speak these keeping ourselves in mind.

I remember an incident about a college kid who used to spend a lot of time combing his hair. He used to try different styles and would experiment with them until he was satisfied. One day his mother told him, “Son! The only person who is worried about your hair is only you. Nobody else focuses on that too much!” This made his son embarrassed and he started spending less time in front of the mirror.

But there is also another side to it, too. We blame others but we are also culprits of this too. Most of us, too, speak negative things about others and do much of the same things which others do. We need to refrain from such acts and make an effort to speak a positive and friendly language and respect everybody.