Drug Consumption: Short Term Pleasure, Long Term Disaster!

We are hearing a lot about drug consumption these days especially its deep-rooted connections in the Indian Film Industry. In fact, drug consumption is done from the lowest in the society who has barely enough to eat to the richest and the most affluent people in the society. A lot of research has been done about how certain drugs affect certain parts of the brain and it produces a craving.

It is very easy for us to understand how craving is produced in our brains. Now think about the most delicious food which you like to consume and it may be quite spicy. Now just close your eyes and think about when you last had it and how sooner you would like to have it again. Now you would have already developed a craving for it. We develop the same kind of craving for tea or coffee.

So the food or coffee definitely produces a feeling of craving for us but these things are slightly less harmful to us. Now if a simple coffee can generate such a craving for us, then you can imagine what kind of craving would different drugs produce for us. The reason is that these drugs are designed in such a way that it excites areas of the brain which produce maximum craving.

The people who become victims of these drugs are less to blame than the people who make them victims. It is very easy to develop a (GOOD)habit but very difficult to break(BAD) one.

Even the athletes in the world consume drugs. If drugs are consumed, it can excite areas of the brain and it might increase energy levels for a certain duration, though it will have very harmful effects in the long run. Regular check-ups are done on athletes to check if they are consuming any drugs and many are found guilty. You can understand the psychology behind habit formation, in my following article CLICK HERE

The consumption of tobacco has spread like a virus in India as well as the world. People who have little to eat or are in debt, they also spend a huge amount of money on tobacco. The biggest reason for spreading such habits are friends or colleagues. They already know that, sooner or later, they are going to face incurable diseases, so they try to trap other people in such habits. When they smoke cigarettes, they feel that they are the king of the universe.

The same thing applies to alcohol. The consumption of alcohol is huge all over the world. The quality of alcohol varies depending upon the class of society. People give alcohol parties in different social events and it is considered as a kind of social status.

Now one other important reason for drug consumption is the mental state of a person. If a person is feeling depressed or is anxious, his willpower becomes very weak. He tries to find methods to get temporary relief and if somehow he gets some pleasure in certain drugs, he becomes easily addicted to it.

The biggest problem with drug consumption is that people use it as a medicine to reduce stress. Whenever they encounter a problem, they consume little tobacco or smoke a cigarette. Now, this is very dangerous. If you have control over your mind and consume drugs in proper proportion, you might get away with it. But if you start using drugs as a stress buster then it has become an alternate drug for you and the results would be disastrous.

Rehabilitation centers are made to help people leave the habit of drugs. Some people run away from these centers because they cannot the craving of drugs is too enticing for them. There are also people who leave drugs after certain events happen in their life. Some leave drugs after they get married or some people leave them after the birth of their child.

There are also instances where people have left drugs after getting attached to some spiritual organization. But the percentage of this is quite low. The percentage of people who develop the habit of drug consumption is always greater than the percentage of people who drop the habit of drug consumption.

It is very difficult for the government to impose restrictions on its usage. But definitely there are shops where low-quality drugs and tobacco are sold which are sold to poor people, these things can be controlled by taking strict measures. But due to corruption and illegal practices, such companies always find methods to escape the law.

Finally, I would like to add, that if you are a parent, please keep a close check on the friend circle of your child. Develop habits of giving him a good nutritious diet as well as fruits. Explain to him the dangers of drug consumption. And make sure that you do not consume any kind of drugs. No matter, what certain scientists or researchers say, even tea and coffee are very harmful to health. You can also read what kind of habits you should develop in your children in my following article. CLICK HERE.

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  1. Shipra says:

    Drugs are the slow poison for youth.