EAT THE FROG, If You Want To Be Successful in Life!

How many of you have eaten insects? Or any other animal? Or a Frog? You will ask, “WHAT NONSENSE IS THIS?” Yeah! But in one of the famous books of productivity, Brian Tracy explains that if you want to be successful in life, you need to EAT THE FROG! (I have put a link to that book at the bottom)

Let me pacify you now and explain to you what the author means by this. Is there anything worse than eating a frog first thing in the morning? We all feel that we should relax when we get up in the morning, do a little exercise, wish Happy Birthday to all our friends and relatives. But what we end up doing is wasting so much of our precious time in the morning.

Now, what we should ideally do is pick up one or two most critical tasks and complete them first thing in the morning. Let me give you an example of that. Suppose if you are a student and you hate a certain subject but it is very critical as the exams are approaching. So the first thing you should ideally do is pick up that subject and complete your studies. The same thing applies to businessmen or people doing jobs or housewives. If as a housewife you have been planning to clean up one room but somehow you keep on procrastinating and you stay worried about it for many days. Now that task of cleaning has become a frog, it is worrying you but you know that you have to do it. Consider that task as a dirty frog but try to wrap it up in the early morning.

What will happen if you will complete your critical tasks in the morning?
Suppose you complete your 1-2 critical but uncomfortable tasks early in the morning, you can then focus on other tasks for the rest of the day. And the great thing is that you have got two advantages.

1. You have already completed your 2 most important tasks, so there is less pressure on you.
2. Now you will have the whole day to complete tasks that are less critical as well as tasks that you love.

Be Careful in Identifying the tasks.
It is very critical that you identify the tasks properly and prioritize them properly. You can pick up tasks that may require more brainwork because all the mundane work you can pick up later. Or you can also try to pick some important activity which is pending for a long time but you always wanted to do it. Suppose you wanted to learn a music instrument. It is not that critical but it is your hobby and you always wanted to learn the instrument. What you can do is get up in the morning and the first thing you can do is pick the guitar and play for 30 minutes. Now you love Guitar, so it is not a frog but it is worrying you like a frog.

Things that will work in favor of you to EAT THE FROG in the morning!
The fact that you have had a good night’s sleep, it will mean that you are totally fresh and lively. Your brain is working as a superpower and you will get maximum productivity early in the morning. However, it is advisable that you wake up early in the morning, it will give you the advantage of more time and less distraction from the surroundings.

What FROGS did I try for the last few months?
I always wanted to focus more on yogasana, pranayama, and meditation. So I decided that I will get up early in the morning and create three slots of 15 minutes each and it has given me wonderful results. I feel fresh, lively, and energetic for the whole day.

Feeling of achievement and superiority.
If you complete your critical tasks first things in the morning, you will feel easy, relaxed, and stress-free for the whole day. You will get a feeling of achievement throughout the whole day and will enjoy the whole day. If you have picked a task like playing guitar or learning a new language first thing in the morning, you will begin to see its benefits after some time.

Plan your FROGS and start to EAT them every day.
So as I told you at the beginning that identify your most critical tasks and try to complete them in the morning. Decide whether you want to complete your urgent tasks or long term tasks. But be careful that you should plan those tasks which you generally find very difficult and stressful to take up later in the day. Don’t plan to watch a movie or play a video game because such tasks are not ugly frogs but are sweet apples that you can pick up later.



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