Give opportunities to Freshers! They will decide upon the future!

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few….” This is a wonderful quote, I read, from one of the famous book, “Zen mind beginner’s mind” Did you get the meaning of this quote? It has got a deep underlying meaning hidden in it. It means that as the person becomes old, his thinking narrows down, it loses its powers of creativity and it becomes one dimensional. Whereas as far as the beginner is concerned, he has no such bias or limitations, his mind is free from all the experiences of the past and it is ready to accumulate new ones.

It will sound a little bit strange to many people especially to the youngsters who are looking for jobs or managers of the companies who are looking to hire people. We are used to seeing advertisements in the newspaper, “JOB FOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER – MINIMUM 3 YEARS EXPERIENCE, FRESHERS SHOULD NOT APPLY” People always respect experienced people because they have encountered most of the situations in the past. They are better equipped to handle different challenges in life because they have experienced most of them in the past.

However, what is missing in the so-called EXPERIENCED PEOPLE is the power of creativity, power of thinking fresh, power of thinking without any bias, without any fear of failure. Experienced people have faced different challenges and failures in the past, so they are very apprehensive while taking decisions. Most of the decisions they take are more like reactions to their experiences of the past. They try to play a RISK-FREE game. They create A DISASTER PLAN before they begin their work. They worry more about Plan B than Plan A.

However, the youth are fresh. They are willing to take risks in life, they have the power of creativity and originality in them. The fact that they have not encountered most situations in the past means they have a clean slate. They think more about completing the project rather than worrying about the Disaster Plans or Plan B. They love taking challenges and they look at each situation with a fresh perspective.

If we analyze the behavior of a small baby, we will understand how open his mind is. He is making every effort possible to learn to walk. He tumbles down so many times, faces yells from his parents but he never gives up till he learns to walk. That is pretty much his first milestone. He leaves no stone unturned to learn to speak. Initially, the elders would joke and make fun of his behavior, but he never cares.

Even scientifically speaking, the physical strength of the person begins to wane as time goes on. His reflexes will slow down and this will impact his decision-making ability. I do not mean in any way to disrespect the senior people, obviously, their valuable inputs and vast knowledge will always be useful in different situations. But the point which I am trying to make is that opportunities should be given to the youth and their talent has to be capitalized to the maximum.

Let me give you an interesting comparison to this. Do you know the difference between a manager and a leader? A manager is the one who manages the whole project, he checks the feasibility, arranges for all the necessary things required for the smooth operation of the project and he will prepare plans for the project. This is the role that has to be given to experienced people.

But the leaders are the ones’ who actually do the work. They take action, the manager provides them his inputs but the leaders verify it and can also reject it if they do not find it feasible. When the project begins, there is no role of the manager in between. It is all up to the leaders. Whenever the leader requires help or there is some challenge, the manager will chip in with useful inputs based on his experience. But the actual game has to be played by the leaders. But care should be taken that the managers don’t interfere in the decision making and methods adopted by the leaders but only support them when required.

So the experienced people have to take the role of a manager and the youth have to emerge as leaders. For every manager, there will be multiple leaders and not vice versa.

Swami Vivekananda said about the youth, “Youth is the future. A brave, frank, clean-hearted, courageous, and aspiring youth is the only foundation on which the future nation can be built. My faith is in the younger generation, the modern generation, out of them will come to my workers!”

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