People in the west believe that the day changes at 12 am in the night, some people believe that the new day begins at the sunrise, however according to Vedanta Brahmamurtha is the beginning of the day.

Brahma muhurta (time of Brahma) is a period (muhurta) one and a half hours before sunrise or more precisely 1 hour 36 Mins before sunrise. Literally meaning “The Creator’s Hour”, it is traditionally the last phase or muhurta of the night and is considered an auspicious time for all practices of yoga and most appropriate for meditation, worship, or any other religious practice.

Each muhurta lasts 48 minutes, and therefore the Brahma muhurta begins 1 hour and 36 minutes before sunrise and ends 48 minutes before sunrise.

The quality of our waking up decides the energy level for the day. A peaceful fresh start is always better to a dull, lethargic start with a heavy feeling. Scientific research has determined that in brahamuhurat, the oxygen level in the atmosphere is most (41%), which is beneficial to the lungs.

Mantras which we should chant every morning when we get up.

Karagre Vaste Laxmi, Kar mule saraswati,
Karmadhye tu Govinda, prabhate kardarshanam.

On the tip of your fingers is Goddess Lakshmi; on the palm is Lord Govinda and on the wrist is Goddess Saraswati. In this manner, look at your palm.
Brief Explanation:

This is a morning prayer called karadarshana?. One begins the day with this prayer. Kara means the palm of the hand and it stands for the five karmendriyas, or the organs of action. While looking at the palm, one invokes the Lord in the form of various deities, thus sanctifying all the actions that will be done during the day. By acknowledging the Lord as the giver of the capacity to perform actions and as the giver of the fruits of those actions, one sanctifies the actions. Thus, one prays in the morning to reinforce the attitude that all actions are performed as a service to the Lord

Samudra vasne devi, parvata stana mandale, Vishnu patni namastubhyam, pada sparsha, kshamasva meh.

(Oh Mother Earth) The Devi Who is having Ocean as Her Garments and Mountains as Her Bosom, Who is the Consort of Sri Vishnu, I Bow Down to You. Please Forgive Us.

It is believed that there is maximum energy in the universe in the morning around 4 am. There is no negative, impure energy present at that time. People who are late sleepers they may go to sleep by as late as 2-3 am. And most of the people who get up after 6 am. So the maximum pure energy, also called the creative energy of nature is present at that time. Even if you have some problems and you are looking for its solutions, this is the best time. Even if you wake up and just dwell on it for some time, you will get creative ideas.

This time is ideal for meditation/ prayers. People adapt in meditation make use of Brahmamurtha to start their meditation. There is no outside clutter, the atmosphere is divine, there is pure energy available. They prefer to begin their day, by doing meditation/japa at that time.

Students should also prefer this time to study rather than stay awake till late hours of the night.

However getting up so early may not be easy for all of us who are used to getting up late and going to bed late. We can start gradually to sleep earlier by half an hour and wake up earlier and go on as we develop a habit to wake up at 4 am.

It will require certain methods to achieve it. We need to complete all our regular work early in the evening so that we don’t need to stay awake till late night. We should not use digital media, like watch mobile or TV before going to bed as this can hinder the quality of our sleep. We should not consume alcohol or caffeine before going to bed. We should take our meal early in the evening. It will also require support from our family as they will have to complete their work early and be prepared to sleep early as well.

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