Interesting Similarities Between Swami Vivekananda and Mr. Modi

Recently Narendra Modi traveled to the US in a grand event, which was termed as HOWDY MODI. That program was attended by more than 50000 people, most of them were Indian nationals of America. There were a lot of other people who wanted to participate but due to limitations of space, they could not participate in the gala event. The crowd applauded and cheered every sentence which Mr. Modi spoke illustrating the fact about his popularity and the kind of respect he enjoys from people not only in India but all over the world. The American President Donald Trump also participated in the event and was amazed to see the aura which was generated by Mr. Modi.

I have carefully followed the life of Mr. Modi and also the wonderful contributions he has made for India. I found a lot of similarities between Narendra Modi and the great spiritual sage Swami Vivekananda. Although it may be unfair to compare two persons because they belong to different generations and also due to the fact that Vivekananda was a spiritual guru and an enlightened sage.

However, their contributions to promote the Hindu religion and to make the world aware of our country have a lot of similarities.

Narendra Modi has great respect for Vivekananda and has many times quoted his words in his speech and told the people to follow the lifestyle and messages of Vivekananda.

Similarity One: NAME

Vivekananda’s real name was Narendranath

Narendra Modi’s name is Narendra

Similarity Two: RELIGION

Both are Hindus. Both Vivekananda and Modi have great understanding and knowledge of Hindu scriptures. Although Vivekananda had done deep analyses of scriptures even Modi is seen reciting different verses from scriptures during his speech.


Both Vivekananda and Modi believe in universal brotherhood and have always referred frequently  “VASUDEV KUTUMBKAM” in their speech which means that “The world is a family”

Similarity Four: GREAT SPEAKERS

Both Vivekananda and Modi are great speakers. Their enthralling and inspirational speeches always attract a great number of people.


Vivekananda begins his speech saying, “Sisters and Brothers”. Modi begins his speech saying, “Brothers and Sisters”

Similarity Six: QUALITIES

Both Vivekananda and Modi are fearless. When there was not much liberalism in the world, Vivekananda went to different countries and showed how the Hindu religion was superior to other religions. Narendra Modi has also explained the power and the beauty of the Hindu religion in different countries.

Similarity Seven: BELIEF IN YOUTH

Both Vivekananda and Modi have always inspired the youth to come forward and work for the country. Vivekananda’s birthday is celebrated as National Youth Day.

Similarity Eight: VISION FOR INDIA
Vivekananda and Modi have a great vision for India. Vivekananda’s slogan was “LOVE INDIA”. Narendra Modi has shown his indomitable will to bring India to greater heights in the world. His chief slogans are “MAKE IN INDIA” and “DIGITAL INDIA”.

Their main goal was upliftment of the poor and to raise the respect of India all over the world.


Both Vivekananda and Modi love to travel. Vivekananda dared to travel to the US to participate in the World Parliament of Religions even though the did not have any additional money. He traveled to the US, UK, Singapore, China, Japan, Canada, Vancouver, and also to other European countries at the time when traveling was not very easy and there was no provision for airways. Narendra Modi has traveled to 59 countries and few of them are US, UK, Germany, Japan, Nepal, Singapore, China, France, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles.


Vivekananda participated in the World Parliament of Religion, United States, Chicago, 1893. 125 years later, Modi spoke in the United Nations.

Similarity Eleven: LIKING FOR YOGASANA

Both Vivekananda and Narendra Modi always stressed on the importance of good physical health. Vivekananda was a proponent of Yogasana and Pranayama. Modi has also laid great importance on doing Yogasana and also participates in events like “International Yoga Day”

Similarity Twelve: MARITAL LIFE

Vivekananda became a Sadhu and hence did not get married. Narendra Modi got married at the age of 13 years but the couple only lived for 3 years and then Modi stopped visiting his wife and family, as he got involved in his work as an RSS pracharak. The fact that both of them did not have household responsibilities allowed them to dedicate their time to the welfare of the country.


Vivekananda not only studied Hindu scriptures in great depth but he also had great knowledge of Christian, Muslim, Greek, and other religions. The regular mention of Sanskrit shlokas in the speech of Modi clearly shows his great interest in the scriptures. Modi also studies the lives of great people and encourages young people to learn from it.


Vivekananda wrote a lot of books and poems. All his works are compiled in the series of 9 volumes titled “Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda”. Modi has written 10 books which also includes the compilation of his poetries. Some of his books are

Jyotipunj, Setubandh, Sakshi Bhaav(Collection of Poems), Exam Warrior.

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