Is the world becoming smaller and smaller?

As the research in digital technology has gained momentum, the world has started to become smaller and smaller. Who would have ever imagined 25-30 years back that if someone in their family went to another country, they could directly look into their eyes and talk to them and that too at such a little cost?

The airplanes have started flying higher and higher thereby reducing travelling time between countries. The internet and the mobile have brought a revolution where we can contact anybody anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. We can not just listen to their voice but in fact look straight into their eyes.

The group calls between family members give an impression of families of the.past where there was vibrant communication between the family members. Friends who used to go to a nearby cafe, now have coffee with their mobiles in hand but they are connected virtually.

Now people go to shop and select clothes and then send pictures to their family members and buy after taking their opinion. If somebody forgets any document when he has gone for an interview or a meeting which is at a far place, he can call his wife and she will take a snap and send it to him online. A person is not even required to go for a personal interview or a meeting, most of things can be handled by doing meetings virtually by using video calls.

The concept of written letters have now disappeared and it is replaced by emails. But now even emails are not required because people are available on WhatsApp instantly. Gradually the practice of printed paper is coming down because all the documents are maintained digitally. And one of the other reason is that documents need to be exchanged frequently which can be easily done using email. With digital signatures, we can also secure the documents from malpractices.

Digital knowledge is also playing a wonderful role as far as education is concerned. Students get lot of their information online. They also get more relevant information and interesting insights about their topics from different sources on the internet.

The concept of Location Sharing gives exact information about where a person is. People do not care to ask people about directions when they are going to a new place. They start their GPS and reach there by the shortest route possible.

Gradually the concept of paper notes or cash is gradually getting lost. Let us take an example. The government gives a loan to an organisation for say, 100000 dollars. Now government does not give hard cash to the company, they just credit the money in their account.

Now the company credits the salary every month in the bank account of a person. And the person does all the transactions using his debit card or other mobile apps, so where is the role of physical money? And strangely, the person pays taxes to the government online, so indirectly the digital money which is transferred from govt goes back to it without any physical transaction. Amazing!

Online purchasing using websites and apps like Flipkart/Amazon have allowed people to buy most of the things online. People do not need to go to the stores and buy things, they can sit at their home and get things delivered at their door steps. Gradually the trust of people for online shopping has increased, they are also buying costly items from internet like TV, Refrigerator, Laptops, furniture, etc. There is more trasparency in the market because there is lot of information available online to validate different processes.

The digital world has also opened up a lot of opportunities for people to make money online. People can use digital platforms to do marketing for their products and also improve their networking.

A lot of work is being done in the field of Artificial Intelligence. A person can install different softwares at their home and whenever there is any security risk, be it a natural calamity or some theft, there can be alarms, and calls and messages are sent to the person. So a person can monitor his home even when he is far off.

The recent COVID pandemic has also given evidence of the fact that a lot of work can be accomplished sitting at home. People in their different professions have started to do professional work using their laptops and mobiles.

The advancement in technology has also increased the risk as far as deference is concerned. Countries are investing more money to strengthen their security and it takes only a few moments to release those weaponry. The advancement in the field of satellites gives accurate information about what is going on in other parts of the country.

Scientists are making every possible effort to explore different parts of the universe be it the sun or the moon or any other planet. They are searching for species and are trying very hard to find if life exists at any other place apart from the earth.

For every thing which has advantage it will also have its share of disadvantages. People have become too much addicted to the latest innovations. They try too many things, they have got far too many options than what their mind can absorb.

People need to be careful in selecting areas where they require the help of the digital world and only then use it. There can be a misuse of mobiles and laptops by children as well as adults. The vibrancy and joy when people sit together and have fun will never be experienced using digital devices. The use of online apps for money transfer is so easy that many times people end up buying things that are not required thereby wasting their time and money. Apps like Whatsapp, Facebook have their advantages but most of the time these days people are wasting their time doing useless activities.

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