Issues at LOC? Does anybody have solutions for this!

“Is there any issue?” the manager generally asks all his employees when he sees some stress or tension in the team and when the projects are getting delayed. The employees start to explain to the manager about their problem with the hope that he would help the team in some manner. But before the employees explain to him the problem, the manager interrupts, “Don’t tell me about the problem. Tell me the solution!” The team realizes that they are the ones’ who need to find an answer and won’t get any external help.

The think-tank gets together, they begin to analyze and think about the problem more closely and figure out how a feasible solution could be worked out. The fact that there is so much pressure, brings the best out of them, and then with the combined effort they come up with a solution. And there is nothing special about that. Human beings are the only gifted species who have multiple faculties gifted by nature.

Humans have a mind to think, head to analyze and soul to feel. With such wonderful gifts, how can a problem not get solved? LIMITS EXIST ONLY IN OUR MIND. All the answers to our problems are already there in our brain, we just need to explore them.

In my case, whenever my manager takes my advice about some work, I never tell him that it is IMPOSSIBLE. Because I know that there might be some other person who may come up with a good solution and it would become embarrassing for me. I always tell him to give me some time so I could think about it. The word IMPOSSIBLE itself means I-aM-Possible. But it’s a big shame that there are some problems which we have never been able to solve.

One such problem is the border dispute between neighboring countries. Most of the countries these days are having tensions at the borders as both countries claim that they hold claim over a certain piece of land on the border. Previously, strong and powerful countries used force and occupied the land of countries which were poor or in a developing state. But now all countries are very cautious and they dedicate a big part of their funds in the defense system, though it is having a detrimental effect on their economy.

Let us analyze some of the reasons for such problems and why it is so difficult to find a solution for them. One of the main reasons for this is the LACK OF TRUST between the neighboring countries. No country is willing to make any compromise because they fear that even if they work out some solution, their neighbor may play foul. Another reason for this is the LACK OF COMPASSION BETWEEN PEOPLE. The tensions between countries and the wars in the past have left scars in the minds of the people and there is a feeling of hatred for each other. Thanks to the media, such sentiments of hatred are used to incite people and to make people think that they are victims. One other reason is the FEAR OF THE COUNTRYMEN. No leader will take a risk and make any compromise of certain land otherwise he will be labeled as a traitor or a weak person in the whole country. One more reason for this is the FEAR OF LOSING RESPECT in the world. Nations feel that if they become defensive in a certain aspect, other countries might take undue advantage of their kindness. Every country feels that the disputed land belongs to them and they will take control of it, anyhow.

But now let us think whether it is possible to find an amicable solution for this. It seems very difficult as of now, but again we should be careful when we use the word IMPOSSIBLE because the word itself means I-am-Possible. Great men like Mahatma Gandhi made great efforts and also achieved success to some extent to solve these issues by bringing feelings of love and compassion between people. But as things stand now, it might require two Gandhis, one in each country to solve the problem. Not Practical! Right?

But the only practical way to solve this problem is to develop better relationship between the two countries. A powerful relationship should be built between people. Nations should help each other during times of adversity and also seek help when required. There should be more traveling between people in each others’ countries so people can understand that their neighbors are not demons or aggressors. The most critical factor which can only help to solve this problem is to develop MUTUAL TRUST between different countries. If TRUST is developed between countries, countrymen would support their leaders in making positive decisions to solve the issue.

Merely deploying the troops at the borders will never solve the problem. It will result in suppressing the issue for some time but it will keep on erupting at regular intervals. It will make a dent in the economy and the brave and innocent soldiers would be sacrificed.

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