There was a beautiful kingdom and the people living there were very happy and prosperous. The king at that time was Bhavnath. He was a very kind and helpful person. He cared for all people and also helped the poor.

Once the king Bhavnath had a thought. He felt people in our kingdom are very happy. But are people at villages around the kingdom are happy. So he said his minister, Harish, “I want to travel to all villages near the kingdom and talk to people.” Harish asked king, “Why Sir, you want to do that?”. Bhavnath said, “I want to meet people in all villages and see if they are happy. Do they get good food and all facilities.” The minister, Harish said, “I will make arrangements Sir, I will order a horse for you. You can sit comfortably and I will arrange for all food.”

“I will visit all places on foot, by walking only.” Harish said, “Don’t do that Sir, you will get tired. You will have a lot of problems, it will take a long time.” But Bhavnath said, “You don’t worry, Harish. When I will meet people and go to their places walking, they will feel very good. They will feel they are meeting their brother.” And Harish, “I will not wear any Sandals, also.” Harish was surprised but he said, “Alright Sir, I will show you the direction, you can go tomorrow.”

The king went to different places walking, it took a lot of time. But people were very very happy when they saw their king. They gave him good food, love and they also made arrangement for Bhavnath’s rest. Bhavnath was very happy he said to himself, “I am very happy, all the people are living were good life. They have a good home, all facilities. Now I will go back to my kingdom.”

When Bhavnath reached the kingdom, he felt a lot of pain in the legs, because he did a lot of walking and he did not even wear any sandals. He felt, “People are so happy, but the roads are so bad. They will have so much pain after working so hard.” He told to his minister, “Harish, Please arrange for leather and cover all the roads with leather, so my people will not have any pain.”

Harish was very worried. He felt, “If I put so much leather on all roads. It will require to kill so many animals. It will cost a lot of money.”

He had an idea, “He told the king Bhavnath, I will arrange for you a small sandal with leather. Next time when you visit all villages, you wear that leather sandal and you will have no pain.” Bhavnath realized very quickly, “Thank you, Harish. I will wear sandals now, please don’t put leather on all roads.”

Moral of the story: Change yourself first, then change the world.

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