Law of Nature

What is the Law of Nature, if there is any? “Action and Reaction are equal and opposite”, the scientists will directly jump in to say. Whenever an action is performed, the energy which will be consumed through this action, the same amount of energy will be produced through its reaction. So very true. Everything in the universe which starts from a specific point will end up exactly at the same point. Great analysis has been done regarding the fact that how this universe was formed and there will be a similar pattern and this same universe will dissolve one day. A lot of predictions have been made, regarding the last date of this universe, some of them have already passed by now but the analysis continues to go on.

The same pattern applies to our daily lives. We have so many possessions in our life, wealth, family, friends, jobs, positions, and most importantly our life; do you think they are permanent as well? Or are they bound to circulate? Most of the people will always be scared by the fact, they will like to hold on to their wealth, never let it go! And the same applies to their life, family, relatives, and everything else. Fear of losing the things we have is the biggest problem of our life.

But this is not possible. In fact, the best attitude towards life would be to understand that we are just observers of the different events in our lives and will never have full control to operate it according to our liking. As if we are observing the money which is coming to our hands and gradually it is moving from our hands to somebody else’s. The same thing applies to every aspect of our life. All the things will gradually move from one person to another than to somebody else and then again back to us.

The old man when he walks on street cries, “When I was young, I was the manager of the company. I got so much love, respect from everybody. But now I have grown old and nobody is even willing to talk to me, even look at me.” However, the man has not understood the law of the ever-changing universe. The man would not have been sad had he understood that the wealth, position, age were always subject to change. He tied himself with his position, status, ego, and gradually got into depression when he could not hold to any of them.

The great sages of the past already knew the magnitude of this problem and how it was going to affect the generations to come. They gave advice to us for that, explained it with the example, suppose we have a big luxurious house, however, we should not consider ourselves as the owner of this house but rather as a person appointed by God to take care of it. Taking care of it, as much as we are allowed to, by God. Gradually sinking the idea in our mind that all the possessions we have, are given to us not to cling on to them but to use them for some purpose, without getting over-attached to them. They are bound to go according to the changing law of nature. However, they are bound to come back again and then again disappear one day and the cycle will go on and on. Those people who believe in the concept of rebirth will understand it even better. They know that our physical body is also subject to change, it will disintegrate one day when we die and come back to us when we are reborn again.

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