There is always a craving for people to be loved, adored, and respected by all. We all expect people to give us compliments, praise us, and speak respectfully with us. It is not specific to a person, but it applies to all. But it is perilous for us to get happiness based on the behavior of other people. 

We become wary of every little activity we perform when we develop the fear of being judged by people. “What if this activity makes me look inferior among people?” “What if the new dress I wear get disliked by people?” These “What if…” are never going to end but inevitably if you don’t find a solution, it will inevitably end your levels of peace Such questions will always disturb us if we have a fear of being judged by other people.

Can you do anything which would please everybody? If people have different choices in life, how can you please everybody? Such expectation of being loved by everybody adds anxiety in us and gradually brings feelings of depression in us. Everybody has got his own methods and different patterns of behavior. There is no need to change that pattern just to appease others. This is precisely the reason why people put so many pictures on their social media sites.

They analyze all their images carefully and then upload them on social media sites. They keep on checking those pictures and find how many likes they have got. This is very, very dangerous. And the people who give you a “like” might do that because they are expecting them to get a like from you. Instead of hoping people to like, give yourself alike first. 

This disease will keep on increasing, and people will try more and more methods to get recognized by others. The person expects that when he enters the auditorium, people should get up and give him a standing ovation. Women spend hours in the parlor before going to any party and expect all the people to show their appreciation for her looks.

This seems quite scary to you. So is there any solution to it. Yes! There is, it is too simple, and I will explain it to you. Love yourself! Every day get up in the morning, look at the mirror and tell yourself “I love myself.”I am very intelligent.”I am the most beautiful person in the world.”I am honest and kind.” And most importantly”I don’t care whether anybody loves me or not, but I love myself.” 

Use such auto-suggestions and feed your mind continuously with this. Over a period of time, its effect will be subconsciously stored in your mind. This method will help you develop more self-confidence and a sense of respect for yourself.

If somebody says anything harsh,
If somebody criticizes you,
Say Thank you!
If somebody tells you,
You are stupid,
Laugh at him and say,
I already know that!
Tell everybody with a clear voice,

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