This topic will bring a degree of relief to all the people who are very busy in their life and have a to-do list which never seems to end. And this includes me, as well. What I found after observing my schedule for a few days at a stretch was the fact that I was putting too much pressure on myself to complete all my tasks. I asked a question to myself that is it correct to put so much pressure on our self ? Is it correct to expect so much from our body and mind that they become totally drained as the day comes to an end? These are the questions that came to my mind when I was going to bed on a Sunday wandering how many tasks I had completed on that and also the whole week.

Why did I ask these questions to myself? The reason was that I had planned for many tasks and I was able to complete around 80% of the tasks which I had planned for the day as well as overall for the week. Now I was very upset because of this and thought that not being able to complete my tasks every day will lead to a delay in achieving all my deadlines. I was negative, physically tired, and mentally exhausted and was ready to go to bed. But somehow this suggestion came to my mind from nowhere that I NEED TO BE SOFT WITH MYSELF.

I don’t know how this suggestion or this message came to my mind but on giving it more thought, I found that it was a correct message at the correct time. I usually dedicate 10-11 hours a day for my professional career. I borrow services/energy from my BODY, MIND, and BRAIN to complete all these tasks. Now all of us need to understand that we are using our BODY, MIND & BRAIN to complete all our tasks. And they are not ordinary, they are divine and holy. We can only understand the importance of our body when we see somebody who is handicapped or someone who is suffering from an incurable disease. What would happen if we don’t get proper sleep for even one night? We feel dizzy and uncomfortable for the whole day. It seems so strange that even a tiny ulcer in our tongue causes difficulties in our eating process.

Does it not explain clearly how important each part of our body is and how important each and every little activity is which is related to our body and mind? Our BODY is like a temple that God has given us with the trust that we will take care of it, similar to the manner in which a priest takes care of his temple. All our body parts are ORIGINAL and can never be replaced. We need to be SOFT with our body. We need to regularly clean, exercise, and detoxify our body.

In other words, we need to be SOFT with our body.

Our mind is also very sensitive. It will accept whatever food you give to it. If you give your mind, good and healthy thoughts, it will consume it without any bias. And it won’t complain if you feed it with negative and harmful thoughts. Is it not our duty to show our gratitude to our MIND and make sure that we get peace of mind?

By regularly putting too much pressure on the mind, we are being unfair to our mind. It is like we are regularly telling him I NEED TO WORK HARDER or I HAVE FAILED or I AM NOT CAPABLE ENOUGH. If BODY works from outside and is visible, the mind takes care of the INNER being and but it is not visible. They are interlinked and you cannot keep one instrument proper without taking care of the other.

If you are feeling fit and healthy, you will develop positive thoughts. Similarly, if you are feeling positive and happy, there will be radiance in your eyes and your face. We need to make sure that we feed our mind with positive and inspirational thoughts. Instead of regularly brooding over the fact that we are lagging in our schedule, we should rather say to our mind that, “Thank you so much for guiding me for the whole day and it was only because of you that I had an exceptional day!”

BRAIN is also the most wonderful power which God has given us. God has been partial to other species, which he rarely does, and has provided this power only to humans. Why should we waste this power on doing things which will add no value to it? We need to use its power where it is required and use it judiciously. Every time we complete a task, we need to show gratitude to our BRAIN because if it were not there, who would have directed your body and mind to complete the exercise?

How upset you would feel if you work for the whole day and at the end of the day somebody says that YOU HAVE DONE TERRIBLE WORK? We are more or less doing the same with our BODY, MIND, and BRAIN. We use these divine instruments throughout the day and at the end of the day instead of showing gratitude we display feelings of remorse and unhappiness.

Now let us ponder upon the solution? What is the correct solution for this?

It is simple. DO YOUR BEST AND LEAVE THE REST. Set practical goals, break down your tasks into doable action items, and be prepared to face negative result if things do not work out. You can take heart from the fact that you are trying, learning, and trying to move ahead. We are trying to become perfect but we are fallible.

Please permit me to give you an example to explain this in a better manner.

Suppose a person is working on 2 projects and he has to finish them by the next day. In the first project he has decided to give 8 hours because it is more complex and he will dedicate 2 hours to the other project which is a little less complex. Now he is working very hard on the first project and has also lot of stress and pressure to complete it at a certain time. Now 8 hours have already passed and still he feels that he requires another 30-40 minutes to complete the task.

He takes the decision to complete this task in 20-25 minutes and then stretches a little more to complete the second project. But the time period of 20-25 minutes was unrealistic and it took him 40 minutes before he completed his whole project.

Now he is totally stressed up and he has used all his creative energy. He picks up the second project works on it with depleted energies and gradually develops a feeling of guilt because he has now come to the conclusion that he will not be able to complete this project on that day.

Now he has worked for 10 hours, used the services of the divine BODY, MIND & BRAIN. But instead of showing gratitude to them, he is making them feel guilty as if they have not done their job.

The simple method for this would have been to complete the first project for 8 hours and if it was not that critical, park the project for the next day and complete the second project after 8 hours. Or if the first project is very critical, he should take his time and complete it today and keep the second project for the next day.

Is there any point in going to bed with feelings of negativity and guilt? We need to understand that by putting pressure on ourselves, we are only doing harm to ourselves. We need to be easy and SOFT WITH OUR SELF. We need to respect each and every act we do and show gratitude for it. We need to repeat and tell ourselves that whatever we are doing is absolutely perfect and we will regularly monitor our strategies and systems and make changes wherever required.

By being hard with our self, what we are doing is we are not loving our self. The most important message for all of us is LOVE YOURSELF. Nobody is going to love us because people are also expecting love from all. Instead of being harsh and negative, LOVE YOURSELF and be easy with your self.

Whenever you do your work, ask yourself simple questions, Is there anything I can do about it? Is the situation under my control? If the answer is YES and it is not harmful, then go and do it. And if the situation is out of hands and you are not in control of it then does it make any sense to worry about it?


  • Our Body, Mind, and Brain are divine.
  • We need to show gratitude to them for working for us day in and day out.
  • We need to be SOFT and have feelings of empathy for us.
  • Create Practical and Achievable Goals.
  • Convert them into small doable actions.
  • Be prepared to fail and also be flexible to change the strategy.

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