Make your remaining year meaningful – 8 Resolutions for 2021.

The first 3 months of 2021 have already come to an end. It means a quarter of a fresh year has already slipped by. It was not long before when we were waiting for the New Year to arrive and in no time a lot of the time has already passed. Time doesn’t walk, it flies. There were definitely challenges during this time due to the deadly virus, but still, the time has gone by. It will not wait till some unpleasant event comes and then goes.

Apart from people who faced big setbacks, be it in the business or health of their own or their family members, others’ have definitely found some workaround for this.

Now that lot of time has slipped by, but we need to be aware that we need to make the best use of the remaining part of 2021 or we will regret when the year ends for not achieving anything.

I have come up with 8 resolutions which, if you make, will have a positive effect for the rest of the year for you. You can experiment with them, pick a few which suit you. And some of them you can follow for the rest of your life because they are not bound with any specific year, they are for transformation of our life.

  1. Be mindful
    Mindfulness is definitely a new word for you if you have not really explored it. It is a beautiful concept which I have learned in the last few years and am trying to implement it in my life. Being mindful means being aware of whatever you are doing at that time. BECOME A CHILD WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING WITH A CHILD. BECOME THE SINGER WHEN YOU ARE SINGING A SONG. FOCUS ON YOUR FOOD, ON EVERY BITE YOU CHEW. Don’t watch television when you are doing something, don’t do any kind of multitasking because it never works. Mindfulness is more in line with the ZEN school of thought which is based on the Buddhist method of teaching, so explore more about it from the Internet or watch some videos for it.
    I have given links to two books which has influenced me a lot about this method.
  2. Set a meaningful and sensible goal.
    Use your past experience about the number of goals you had set and how successful you were in achieving them. So be sensible this time around. Set a sensible but achievable target and begin to work on it. Make sure the goal you have set is in line with your interests and hobby. If you love to write, then writing 1 blog every week is quite achievable. If you are a fitness crazy person, spending 30 minutes in the gym every day is a much easier task. But there is no point in going for things which you are least interested in it. Also, make sure you don’t copy other people’s goals and achievements because that is also not going to work. Get inspired by people but don’t try to become those people.
  3. Read inspirational books or read biographies(or watch motivational movies).
    There are a lot of good books written by good authors which can really help you get a good direction in your life. Based on my experience, instead of going for a generic motivational book try to read a book related to meditation or read biographies of successful people like Mahatma Gandhi or say, Albert Einstein. Why should we try to create new success roadmaps when we already have ready-made templates of great people already available to us?
    If you are not someone interested in reading then you can watch movies for the same as there are plenty available for free on the internet.

    4. Take care of your body.
    Our body is a temple and our ability to think, make decisions, have feelings are linked to it. Unless our body is strong and healthy, no resolutions are ever going to work. It is our duty to make sure that we keep this vehicle in an ideal shape otherwise the wheels and engine will not be able to take much load. Exercise, Yoga, Pranayama, anything which suites are good enough. Allot specific time in a day for at least 15-20 minutes in a day and do exercise. A physical workout is a must and so are some of the breathing exercises.
    When we are young, our body is capable to handle most of the undesirable things we do it because our immune system is strong during that time. But the effects of these will begin to appear after we are around 40-45 years old in the form of different diseases.
    Decide upon a healthy balanced diet and do good exercise and plan to have a disease-free 2021.

5. Spend time with your family and friends.
It is very important that we give time to our family and friends. There are 24 hours in a day and there is plenty of time available which we can give to our family. Most of the people are ignoring this important aspect of their life and losing upon the close bonding they can have their families. A seed only grows into a plant if you take care of it regularly and a plant will only become a tree if you continue to take good care of it. It is very similar in the case of relationships. If we miss out on spending time with our near and dear ones, the relationship will lose its fragrance and the bonding will never be able to develop.
It is the right of all children to get time from their parents. If you don’t have time for your children then what is the point of having them?

6. Cut down on screen time.
All of us have 24 hours in a day. Take away 8 hours out of it for sleep, another 9 hours for your job(or household chores if you are a housewife), and another 2 for food, bath, and other regular work. What else is left? Only 4-5 hours. These hours are for our relationship renewal, giving time to our family and friends, giving time for your hobby. Mind you! Using Facebook or Instagram cannot be your hobby. Getting glued on your smartphones during these hours will only leave you tired and fatigued. To see other people who pretend to be happy and sharing your photos portraying yourself as the happiest person on the earth seldom makes sense.
Dedicate slots of 15-20 minutes every day for social media and do it all at once rather than picking up your smartphone every 10 minutes and checking messages or fun videos which kill your precious time.

7. Gratitude.
Life is stressful, alright. Nothing is easy. There is competition, there is insecurity, there is fear of failure, and a lot more scary things. But there are also things which we have, which not all people are lucky to have. Many people are starving and are not lucky to have proper food twice a day. Many children remain uneducated because their parents can barely afford it. Luckily, we all have these things. But we only remember things that we don’t and try to play the victim.
Whenever you get up in the morning, thank God for granting life for one more day. Whenever you have food, thank God for the wonderful food. Whenever your wife or husband smiles, thank them for showing courtesy. That is Gratitude.

8. Forgive people.
Suppose you go to a party and meet a lot of people. Everybody gives you love and respect but there is just one person who misbehaves with you. When you come back, you will not remember the wonderful experiences you had with most people but you will remember the person who hurt you, and maybe you will not be able to sleep.
And what is the strange thing? The person who hurt you will not remember it. It will not affect him but it will definitely affect you and your life. The best thing to do in such scenarios is to develop the quality of Forgiveness, thinking that you might have also done some things which would have hurt other people.

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