Meet the divine Sadhu! Overview of the book THE PERFECT SADHU

The Perfect Sadhu is about the life story of a young and charming young man. He was born in a middle-class family. He lived in the company of his loving mother, a caring father, and a sweet sister. He was a gold medalist in high school and because of his brilliance in studies, he was all set to become a doctor. But what treatment will a doctor give to a patient if he not passionate about his skill? What joy will a person give to his family if he does not enjoy his life?

Krish was passionate, but not about any worldly pleasure but he was passionate about Krishna. It was here when Krish realized that the real purpose in his life was not to become a doctor or just get married and have a happy family. Krish realized that the true purpose in his life was to reach to God, meet God, and in fact love God. But he did not know how to achieve that. And then he finally discovered his Guru. It was here that the beautiful journey began.

This book is about the breathtaking journey of the young man Krish and his revered Guru. Krish achieved his destination, for sure but the journey was much more beautiful than the destination. This book is about the life of Krish and how with the help of his Guru, he overcame all the challenges and struggles in his life and went on to become THE PERFECT SADHU.

You can purchase the book by clicking on the following link

Questions: 1) How can I read this book?
Ans: It is available as both hard copy and ebook format in Amazon

2) How will I find this book?
Ans: I have provided the link on clicking which you can download this book and it will directly appear in your device.

3) Is this book free?
Ans: If you have a Kindle Unlimited Plan, you can read it for free. Otherwise, you will have to pay Rs 49 and you can read the book on Amazon Kindle device, or by downloading Kindle App on your Mobile

4) Can I get a hard copy of this book?
Ans: To get hard copy of this book, you can purchase it from Amazon in the link, I mentioned above

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