Mental Health! The disease wreaking havoc in the youth!

Let us begin with an imaginary story to understand our topic in a better fashion.

Let us begin by an imaginary story of Kripa. Kripa was a girl who crossed 20 last year and just got married few months back. She works in accounts department in a Bank as she has done her Master’s in finance. Her husband has an unpredictable nature and she did not know that he had so frequent mood swings. Otherwise she would not have married him. But now she has accepted this fact and handles the situations intelligently, so her spouse does not get animated often.

Her manager, though good in nature, always puts pressure on the staff as the bank is struggling for profit since last one year. But Kripa with her easy going nature and smiling face keeps the environment pretty workable. She is very particular about her health and food. Her spiritual bent, of late, prompts her to listen podcasts of Bhagwad Gita for few hours every week. She has good relations with her friends and relatives.

So this was Kripa. Her’s is an absolutely ideal life. She has got all the ingredients that are required for a life which balances the potent powers, PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL. Above all what is a WIN-WIN thing for Kripa is her calm and easy nature, which helps her handle all the difficult situations in life with equanimity. Her life is an ideal life, which we have focussed a lot through our regular sessions of HOLISTIC CLASSES on our YouTube channel.

But this is not the kind of life which most people live these days. They are violating or contradicting a lot of important facets of the template for an ideal life, knowingly or unknowingly. Most of the people, especially the young generation are suffering from a disease, which was not heard a long time back. It is being referred to as MENTAL ILLNESS. You may call it stress or depression or whatever name you want to give it.

It is not that life has suddenly become more difficult or challenging now, as compared to years back. But in fact, the challenges have changed and a person, though he is well equipped to handle it, can’t seem to figure out how to go about things. Initially, a person who had to close sales would require to go to different places by train or bus, that was the challenge, and getting the deal done was comparatively easier. Now with online tools available, the challenge is in closing the deal, because there is competition, but the challenge of commutation has disappeared because most of the things can be done using online meetings. Whatever time is saved from commutation, can be used effectively to get the deal done.

Then what is the problem, when challenges were there in the past and they do exist in the present, then why is the youth suffering so badly? The problems of people vary. Some feel they are short on money, some feel they are short on skills, some require a partner, some want biceps, some don’t know what they want. Now let us imagine that there is a magic wand, and it would grant all the wishes of the person suffering from mental illness in a second. But I bet, in 95% of the cases, the ill person will find a different reason to stay depressed or stressed.

The simple reason is that the magic wand will only bring something from the outside world and provide that person. The real problem is not from the outside, but it exists inside us. As I gave the example of Kripa, she understood the things which were required to lead a fulfilling holistic life at a very early age. Maybe she was lucky and her parents passed over their golden methods to her.

By doing exercise, she took care of her physical health. She maintained good relation with her husband, though her husband did not have an ideal nature. She knew very well that she will spend most of the time with her hubby and she cleverly found methods to stay in harmony with him. She was easygoing in the office and had friends which helped her maintain a good emotional and social life. And most importantly she understood that all happiness will be superficial if no progress is made on the spiritual side. She started to read Bhagwad Gita and would soon begin to work on the soul.

So the formula, if I had to provide you, is so simple but highly effective. Work on your physical health and maintain good relationships with people. A good relationship not with the whole world, but the few people at home and few at the office. Help them, try to make them happy, be compassionate and kind. Because this is the world for you most of the time. You get up in the morning, you will see your family and when you reach your office, you will see your staff. You should try to spread love, compassion and happiness. People will surely benefit from it, but it is you who will benefit the most. If you want entertainment with knowledge, don’t jump to the television or webseries. Spend time with your kids that will provide you with entertainment, fun, intricate knowledge and if you observe their behaviour very closely, it is an indirect form of meditation.

As, we saw in the case of Kripa, how she gave time to reading Bhagwad Gita. She showed willingness to become spiritual. And you need to follow her. Find some mentor or a guru, who has got knowledge in the field of meditation, scriptures and bhakti or devotion. That will be icing on the cake. No person who is spiritual will every suffer from any mental issues. But the thing is that he should know what a spiritual person is. This can only be explained to you by your spiritual mentor.

We have discussed about a beautiful recipe for our diet, I mean, a beautiful solution for our life. A template, which if worked on, a package, if followed religiously will indeed transform your life.

Our initiative in spreading holistic living can be viewed on our Holistic Classes(in Hindi) which we hold everyday on our Youtube channel.

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