Mindfulness! Living in the present moment!

All of us have certain goals in life, some ambitions in our life, some milestones we have to achieve. Feelings like “If I get a certain amount of money, I will be able to live peacefully.” Or someone will say, “Once I complete all my responsibilities as a householder, make my family happy, make enough money, give my children a good education and finally get them married, I will achieve everything”.

These goals we discussed were long term goals, however daily every minute we make goals as well. Little kids make plans, they achieve their goal when they complete their homework and mom allows them to watch their favorite cartoon. Getting up early in the morning the next day will help me reach office on time, this is a short term goal for a person doing a job. Complete all kitchen activities on time is the goal for a housewife.

Again, some of these goals, whether they are short term or long term, either we are able to achieve them and few of them we are not. However, before we start feeling happy about achieving some goal or sad about not being able to achieve our target, there are new sets of goals already created in our mind. There is no end to it.

The reason why this happens is that we are not able to live in the present moment. We have trained our minds in such a manner that it always has some plans created and it wants to execute them as early as possible. We identify events, associate an emotion with it, and if that emotion we label it as “happiness”, we end up making it a goal we want to achieve. However, this does not work. It never will.

Does that mean that we should not have any plans or should not set milestones in our life? Certainly not. Goals, plans will always be there, however, we have to understand that constantly thinking about achieving our goals will do us no good. Constantly thinking about the goals will not make us more focussed, concentrated, energetic and we will not speed up our progress. On the contrary, we will become anxious, frustrated and disturbed as we move forward to our destination. The proper way is that when we are doing any work, we should have a definite plan, but our mind should always be in the present moment. In one moment we can always achieve, this much, we have to tell ourselves. And we can only live moment by moment. If we make long term plans, it will not mean that we can achieve all of them at this moment. We will have only control for this moment, and as this moment passes, we would have also done work of one moment, too.

If we can enjoy the present moment, make an effort to live in the present moment, we will be relaxed, we will feel easy, we will feel less anxious. When we live in the present moment, we will get so much peace that at times we will totally forget about our goals as well, however, we will continue to make progress towards them.

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