One day little Scott was sitting with her mom, below the banyan tree. It was Sunday, Scott always came to the banyan tree with his mother on holidays. Scott loved hearing stories told by his loving Mom. “Mom, one more. I want to listen one more story. Please tell me last story then we will go home.” Mom smiled at the innocence of his prince and started the story.

Scott was listening to the story of the king attentively. Mom was speaking in such a beauiful tone, that Scott got lost in it totally, imagining himself to be the real king. Suddenly two parrots from different directions came to the banyan tree. They sat just above the branch of the tree where little Scott with her mom,was sitting.

Scott jumped with joy, “Mom, see there are parrots, here.” Mom was looking at Scott wandering at his excitement and innocence. She said, “Scott, these parrots have come from two different directions. One has come from the forest in the East. And other one from the forest in the West.”

“How to you know that?”, Scott asked her mother. “Can you see?” Mom told Scott, “there is a tiny change in their look, the one in the right is slightly dark in color, the reason is forest in the West is very hot and dry. So he is slightly more dark.”

Scott said, “Now I get it, mom. And the one in the left is little fair. So he must have come from forest in the East.”

“Hey Mom,” Scott said “Look they are saying something. Do parrots talk?” “Yes they do” explained Mom. “Whatever people near the parrot speak repeatedly, they say the same thing”. “That is amazing Mom, I never knew that, Mom”. Mom added, “However, they do not understand anything. They just repeat what they hear from people around them.”

“Mom, Will you take me to the forests where these parrots have come from? I want to see both forests, forest in the East as well as forest in the West.”

Mom says with caution, “Look Scott. I will take you to the forest in the East. But not to the forest in the West”.Scott wandered, “Why is that Mom?”. Mom explained, “If you listen attentively to their language, you will see that the parrot from East is singing prayers, saying very good words. Whereas parrot from the West is using dirty language, saying bad words”. Mom added, “By judging the language of parrot we can see that people from East forest speak good words, say prayers. Whereas people from the West use bad language, do bad things.”

“I get it, Mom. I will come with you to the East forest. I will never go to the forest in the West.”

Moral of the story is, “We should always use good language say prayers. We should always make good friends who speak good language and explain good things. We should never make friends with bad people.

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