Realization of God with simplicity might seem strange to all of us. However it is the method which requires proper understanding, so that we can implement it in our daily life.We will understand this by taking a very simple example.

There was a sweeper who lived near the village. He used to regularly come early in the morning and through out the day, he use to clean the home of a very holy saint. The saint was always impressed by his dedication.

Many people from far off places came to visit the saint. They told the saint about their problems, asked him questions, seeked his holy blessings. The saint always blessed the people and they were very happy.

However, one day the sweeper had a thought in his mind. He felt, “I have been cleaning the house of a saint for so many years, but I have never seeked his holy blessings,”. He went to the saint, he touched his feet, “Sir, I am a sweeper, I am illeterate, I wont be able to understand much of your advise, but can you please tell me that can a sweeper like me will be ever able to realize God?”. The saint said “Certainly, it is possible. Do what you are doing right now and do it with unselfish interest and always keep faith in God” The sweeper was elated.

After some days sweeper stopped coming to work. The people in the saint’s house went to the sweeper’s home. They saw that the sweeper had become very weak and no longer able to work. They told the sweeper, “Now you have grown old. Now you will not be able to work so we will hire new person.” Tears rolled out from the sweeper’s eyes on hearing this. The people felt sorry and told the sweeper, “Alright, Do not worry, we will provide you with money every month so you will be able to support your family.” But the sweeper said, “I dont want money, but I want to work in my saint’s house, that is the only way, I will be able to realize God.” The people somehow agreed to the sweeper’s request.

One day the daughter of the sweeper went to the saint’s house. She told to the saint, “My father wants to see you, Sir.” Hearing this the saint went to the sweeper’s home and saw that the man was about to die but he was in divine ecstacy and was dancing with joy. He had realized God just before he was about to die.

We can see from this story that we have unnecessarily made our lives more complicated. We are trying to realize God through means which are not required. We build temples with air conditioners and big statues. Now what will happen? Will it not require so much work, so much maintenance. How about praying under the sky on floor. Is it not very simple? Is it required that we visit to far off temples or churches or mosques. Can we not pray in our heart? Do we require to observe fasts? Does the God not know that my child wants to love him? If the guy observes fast and gets ill, will the God feel happy or sorry for the guy? Reading too many scriptures, taking advise from so many holy person, will not help us but infact will hinder our spiritual progress. Following a simple process and sticking to it through out our life, will be the only way.

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