Reasons why you should stay away from negative people!

The father was only worried about one thing when his child went to the boarding school for further studies. He told his son, “Only keep the company of good and positive people. Never ever get into a friendship with people who speak the bad language, have bad habits, or disrespect others”. Father always understands the dangers of his son making friends with bad people. He knows how damaging the effect a poor friend can have on his little child.

It will take great deal of effort to form a good habit but it will only take little effort to form a bad one.

What do you think is the reason behind people getting addicted to smoking, tobacco, or wine. The primary reason for this is that their friends are addicted to the same. People who smoke always make an effort to ingrain these habits in their friends. This gives them a good company to go to the bars and the tea corners and they now feel satisfied that now there is one more fish who has fallen into the dirty trap and they are not the only ones’.

A person had to go to a new city because he got a job outside his city. He rented an apartment and decided to live in sharing with other people because he could not bear the cost of renting a separate room. But soon he became uncomfortable and anxious with those people. He realized that those men went to bed late, watched movies at night, played loud music throughout the day, spoke vulgar jokes. They frequently ate junk food and also ordered wine on weekends.

He knew the dangers of being in the company of such negative people. He began to search for another apartment and finally found one where there was a group of people who worked in non-profit charitable organizations.

In this day and age, it is very difficult to find positive people with good habits. Maybe the solution to this might be to find people who have a few bad habits as possible.

The great sages have always warned against keeping company with evil people. The great sage Swami Vivekananda said, “Avoid evil company, because the scars of old wounds[impressions deposited in the mental body by our thoughts, words, and deeds of past lives] are in you, and the evil company is just the thing necessary to call them out. In the same way, we are told that good companies will call out the good impressions which are in us but have become latent. There is nothing holier in the world than to keep good company because the good impressions will then tend to come to the surface.”

It is very difficult to stay in the company of negative people and teach them good things. The chances of a good person developing bad habits are greater than making a bad person learn good habits.

The same thing applies to people working in offices. Always keep the company of people who trigger positive thoughts, have long term visions for their organizations, and are work-oriented. Avoid people who are always cribbling about the poor policies of the company and their pathetic life.

Is there any method or place where we can find good positive people? It is difficult but surely it is possible. Meet more people, spend some time with them, and analyze their behavior and thoughts. Soon you will realize whether his company generates positive vibrations within you or not.

Another good place where we can find positive people is somewhere where some good work is done. Maybe a religious group or a nonprofit organization. Unselfishness purity as well as positivity.

But there is a good condition which you have to follow through. There is a challenge that I throw to you for the coming days. This is called a Positivity Challenge.

Get up in the morning and tell yourself, “I will speak only positive words throughout the day. I will not speak a single negative word or complain about anything. I will have a smile on my face and answer only in the positive no matter what others might say.”

Let me give you a funny example. If your colleague in the office tells, “Our managers are so lazy. They never do anything themselves and expect us to do everything.”

You will pass the positivity challenge if you say, “That is not our job, we should rather focus on our work and make sure that the company generates revenue.”

If your spouse tells you, “You spend so much time in the office and do not give enough time to the family.”

You will pass the positivity challenge if you just accept her statement and nod in the positive instead of defending yourself.

Pass the Positivity challenge, Good Luck!

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