It was 11 July 2006. Time as 18:24. It was indeed one of the most horrific events in the history of our country, India. People were returning to their homes after toiling hard in their office with the hope that they will get little rest. But they did not know that they will be victims of a series of bomb blasts in the busiest city of our county, Mumbai.

Bombs were already put in the pressure cookers of trains at the Western Railway in Mumbai. The blasts continued for 11 minutes and took the lives of more than 200 people and injured more than 700.

It was a cleverly planned attack by the masterminds. It was time for another terrorist activity as the previous one had occurred a few years back. It was a plan to break the confidence of people, to instill fear into the life of people. And it definitely served its purpose. There was panic in the whole city. People were shocked. There was immediate pressure on the government and questions were asked about their preparations in case of such problems. Call to action was demanded by people.

In the midst of all the panic, the government-held people responsible for the attack. But it was a moment of pride for certain sections of the society. They took responsibility for those attacks. They felt a sense of achievement after this activity. Taking responsibility for such actions clearly demonstrates the psychology of people. Young people are trained in such a manner and they are forced to believe that they are victims in society. They need to TEACH A LESSON to people in the city.

They are misled in the name of JEHAD and are taught that their religion is under attack by people of other religions. They need to take action and if required be ready to sacrifice their life for it. Most of the youngsters don’t even know what they are doing. They just trust their leaders, the masterminds of such activities. They are given all kinds of training for such activities. What can innocent youngsters do if the scripts are already built-in their brain at the time of their growing up?

The newspapers and social media sensationalizes such incidents and hatred is spread between different religions. People accuse that people from other religions are like that and lack character. Everybody claims that their religion is the best. Seeds of hatred are already spread in different sections of society even before the situation becomes normal after such terrorist activity.

The frequency of such terrorist activities has come down slightly under the present government, touch wood! But again, the hatred is quelled, it is not resolved. The wounds are there, the dirty scars are already present! Such incidents have regularly occurred in India. But such terrorist activities are now happening all over the world. The countries who sponsored terrorism are becoming victims of it because terrorists just require a trigger and they will blast any area, they trust their instincts, they can’t understand any language.

There seems to be no real hope, as of now. Tensions between countries, communities, religions have reached to a level where it is very difficult to take control of that. It is never possible to have such tight security in the whole country. It requires thousands of people to protect a border but the terrorists will always find a small glitch.

A lot of masterminds of such terrorist activities are hanged but they have already left a legacy behind them.

It is very difficult to imagine a solution to this, as of now. But the solution can only be found by educating the people. People who are involved in such activities are uneducated and do not understand the crime they are committing and harm they are doing to society. Education needs to be made mandatory for all.

Respect should also be given to people from all religions. A citizen should feel that he is an important asset of the society and he needs to contribute towards the progress of the country.

Toxic people who spread hatred should be tactfully handled. They will always try to make people believe that they are victims so immediate action should not be taken for such toxic people. They need to be sidelined slowly.

Finger-pointing should not be done towards any religion or any sect of people and media should not sensationalize such events. If it is required then the government should also take the strictest action without fearing any kind of backlash.

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