Shame on the world! Racial Discrimination!

Most of the problems which occurred during different eras were solved in different manners. A lot of people worked hard to sort these issues, some issues were sought through mutual understanding, some of them got resolved through tactical moves and few of them required force. But still, there are some issues which have never seen the light of the day. One such problem is RACIAL WAR. Nobody has been able to solve the issues of racial discrimination although a lot of efforts have been made by great men in the past. The recent incident in America is proof of that.

Before I dwell more on it, I will tell you a story that will help you understand this situation in a better manner.

Here it goes…

It was a Sunday and Micheal was on his way back to his home after visiting one of his office mates who lived near his home. He got a standing ovation as he reached his home from all the people of the neighborhood. There was blood flowing from his right hand. His wife came rushing near him and applied medicine on it and wrapped it with a cloth. Micheal was feeling very proud and people congratulated him as if he was a HERO.

Micheal was a man who belonged to the black community of people. There was a security guard in his office who would call him GORILLA whenever he parked his car in the office. Michael had already warned the white man but he never listened. And when the guard spoke GORILLA, all the people in the surrounding would laugh. At times, Micheal got so disturbed that he looked in front of the mirror to check if his face resembled a GORILLA.

Micheal decided to settle the matters when his patience muscle got all used up. He found out that the guard went to buy milk early in the morning from a shop which was at a relatively isolated place. Michael made all the preparations and was waiting for the guard on that day to settle the scores. It did not take much time for him to suddenly jump out of his car and smash the nose of the guard with his clenched fist. The guard had a weak body and Micheal’s strong muscle made things very easy for him.

The blood which was flowing on his wrist did not come out of his body but it was the blood which came out of the guard’s nose…

Now the reason for telling this story is to explain to you the mindset of people. Not all white-man call the black as GORILLA. But there are surely incidents where the blacks have been oppressed and deprived of their rights. The blacks always have feelings of inferiority and feel as if they are disliked in society. One of the greatest sportsmen in the world, when he retired from the sport, said, “Had I not been black, I would have received more honor and love of people!”

I will tell you to judge or imagine a situation. Suppose there is a group of black people who are sitting in a restaurant and suddenly a white person enters into that restaurant. And also think vice-versa that a group of white people is having a party and later a black person enters the party room. What would be the feelings, thoughts, or discussions between the people when a person of different color emerges into the scene? And what would be the feelings of the person who would join the party later when he sees that the whole group does not resemble his own color?

Let us first understand the reason for this problem spiritually. Let us assume that there is a divine soul in every person. You may consider it as a bubble. This bubble is divine, it is pristine and holy. It stays unaffected no matter what the situation may be.

And then there is our mind, which can be imagined as a white cloth. Now the cloth is sitting just over the bubble and it is getting all the energy and divinity from the bubble. But as the cloth begins to shake with poor thoughts and loses its composure, it gradually develops stains in it. As the cloth becomes dirty it is no longer able to get the energy and divinity of the bubble and begins to move away from the bubble.

This pretty much explains the reasons for basically all the problems in the world including the never-ending issues between white and black. There are dirty stains in the minds of all people, be it the white person or the black. It can be due to various reasons. In most cases, it begins from childhood when the baby is innocent but keeps on hearing about problems between the white and the black.

If a little child when his brain is getting developed hears things like “WE WILL TAKE REVENGE AGAINST THE BLACK OR WHITE”, he will carry this impression for the rest of his life. His white cloth has developed stains right from his childhood. There will always be incidents where there will be fights and violence happening at regular intervals of time which will keep these memories alive.

The problem is never going to end unless proper care is taken to remove the stains from the white cloth. And most importantly, care should be taken that the white cloth does not become dirty for innocent children. Great men in the past like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, have done a lot of work to bring mutual harmony between people but after some time things again fall out of place. Efforts have also been made by international bodies by rewarding the person who works for peace and harmony in the world with NOBEL PRICE FOR PEACE.

As I said, the only solution is to keep our minds free from evil thoughts. We need to understand whether Micheal smashes the nose of the security guard or the security guard smashes the nose of Micheal, the color of the blood which comes out will be of only RED color. We need to make sure that our mind gets divine energy from the soul and we stay away from feelings of dislike for any community.

There has never been any problem in the world, which has been solved from the root by FORCE. The use of force can only quell the problem temporarily but the problem is always finding means to do damage again. Tensions can only be resolved by methods of peace, love, harmony and mutual respect. The final solution I can suggest is to read the biographies of Mahatma Gandhi and Mandela and find out of the means which they adopted to develop harmony and love between people. For people who love reading spiritual books, things will become easier for them when they read the BHAGWAD GITA and the BIBLE.

A proper solution for Racial War has never been found till now.
Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela had made great efforts in the past.
Feelings of oppression and being disliked are the main reasons for this.
A child at his very early age is programmed to such narrow-minded thinking.
We need to carefully monitor our thoughts and take help from our divine soul.

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