Soldiers Protect us from visible Enemies! Corona Warriors Protect us, invisible Enemies!

What is the definition of the word WAR”. I have never really thought about that seriously till this outbreak of CORONA. As I give more thought about the word, “WAR”, I feel that “WAR” means a dispute between 2 parties which has now reached a stage where no further compromise is possible. All the efforts to reach a compromise are over and now there are only two possibilities VICTORY or DEFEAT. And more often than not the situation has become so critical that it would now require physical force to settle matters. I am sure you will have your own definition of the word “WAR”.

Let us imagine the most often fought WARs which generally happen in the world. The first thought which pops right away in our mind is the WAR fought to achieve some kingdom or a piece of land. This is what we are used to seeing in televisions and listening to stories when kings tried to acquire each others’ land. If you recall Ramayan, the WAR was fought because Ravan, the devil, captured Sita. So that WAR was the WAR for a woman. One WAR which is, maybe the most difficult to fight, is the WAR with ourselves. There is conflict in our thinking which results in a lot of stress and depression and often leads to heart attacks and other diseases. In such cases, often psychologists or religious Gurus have to help the concerned person.

Another WAR is the WAR which takes place for restoration of religion. When the wickedness of a community or a nation increases beyond a point and it results in harm to religion, there is no option but to demolish the devils. This is why Krishna had to come to the earth and crush the enemies as he said, “Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion, at that time I descend Myself!”

People who participate in these WARS are called WARRIORS. And true WARRIORS are those who fight not for selfish means but for the goodwill of humanity. One such WAR which we are facing right now is the CORONA WAR. Strange it may seem but the enemy is not as wicked as Ravan or it has not got any physical power. It is so minuscule that it cannot be even seen with naked eyes. But the enemy, the CORONA virus, kept on gaining more and more power and it is for all of us to see.

It is not correct to say that only people are responsible for their negligence and for giving strength to the virus. It was more due to the fact that the enemy was so tiny and it was not visible. it leads people to ignore it and that led to empowering the virus and giving it space to grow.

The scientists are scratching their heads to find a solution. But it is the WARRIORS who for the time being have taken the responsibility to give no more energy and momentum to the devil. So who are these WARRIORS? They are the doctors, the policemen, the nurses, the health workers, the media people and all other people who are involved in selfless service for mankind. The metrics which we see right now shows three statistics, INFECTED, CURED, DEAD. It is scary because the number of infected and cured are increasing at a greater rate compared to those who are getting cured. But the situation would have been much worse had these WARRIORS not come into the picture. The situation would have also got better had all of us obeyed and respected the advice which these WARRIORS gave.

The devil is smiling alright, hungry to consume more flesh, but the WARRIORS are making sure that they mitigate the wickedness of the VIRUS as much as possible. The WARRIORS have become a bridge between the VIRUS and HUMANITY. And they have done as much sacrifice as possible to control the ever-spreading virus.

The contribution of these WARRIORS is by no means less than that of soldiers who are engaged in military war at the border. The only difference between the two WARs is that in one the enemy is visible and in the other the enemy is invisible. This is one of the reasons why some WARRIORS have died because they could not identify the virus and the virus swallowed them. The WARRIORS die in the military WAR and the WARRIORS are again dying in the CORONA WAR.

The WAR will surely come to an end but we need to make sure that we gain victory earlier rather than later. The WAR which we need to fight is that of SOCIAL DISTANCING and PRECAUTION. The more disciplined we become in our day to day activities, the earlier will the WARRIORS get rest. It is our responsibility to make sure that the doctors, the nurses, the policeman, the media people return safe from the WAR. We need to make serious efforts so that the poor can begin their daily struggle and earn their bread. We need to make sure that the people who are burying hundreds of people in the graveyard finally go to some garden and smell a beautiful rose.

Serious though the situation is, but the things will only get better. But we need to make sure that we maintain the discipline and create a situation where we again start going to our jobs and businesses and we give space to the WARRIORS so they can sit back and enjoy time with their families. Let us again salute the WARRIORS for their wonderful effort to protect our nation from this dangerous virus and let us together pray for their well-being for our brethren all over the world.

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