Thank You! I DONT Believe in God! I AM AN ATHEIST

“I am an Atheist, I do not believe in God !!”, we have heard this so many times, haven’t we? An Atheist is somebody who does not believe in God or any diets or any kind of religion for that matter. “Does God Exist?.” “Is it possible that there is some hidden power which is behind the creation of this whole universe?” These are the questions that are debated most often these days in the world.

There is one class of people who will say proudly “We believe in the ultimate reality, God for certain is there. There is a hidden power in this universe which controls the whole universe, we believe in that power, we have complete faith in this power”.

However, the other group of people who consider themselves atheists would argue that “Is there any proof which you can give us to prove that there is such power? If yes, show us that power.” Some theists (people who believe in God) use different methods like explaining some holy scriptures, giving examples of holy saints, etc to these people(the so-called atheists) to prove that indeed God exists. But these atheists will not agree.

Let us try to analyze what is the psychology of these people who say they do not believe in God. A lot of learned people, especially scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, doctors, etc have got thinking that there must be a valid proof of whatever we say or think. It has to be proved by the law of science. However they do have a hidden fear inside themselves, they feel that if God indeed exists, then what is the need of science and all of the research we have done if that power alone controls the whole universe. Then there is another class of people who do not care about anything, they neither care about science nor do they think about God, these are the totally ignorant one’s. When they say, they do not believe in God, it means that they are not worried about their actions. They can perform any action they want according to their liking and they will not be accountable for their actions, because anyways there is no God.

However, people who consider themselves atheists always have certain fear in their minds. They show a lot of arrogance and boast that there is no God, but have a fear that if that power indeed exists, they will face serious consequences because of their actions. There is plenty of evidence that can prove the existence of the infinite. The person counting his last breath becomes healthy again purely because he has faith in the ultimate reality. The beautiful creations of nature like the sun, moon, earth, the stars, beautiful rivers are enough evidence that they are not formed just as a matter of chance, but are a well throughout the plan of the wonderful creator with some specific meaning.

These atheists not only deny the existence of God, but they also make an effort to make other people believe that there is no such thing as God. “Eat, drink and enjoy,” they tell to all the people around them.

A lot of research has been conducted regarding the number of people who believe in God against those who do not believe in God. It had been found that around 11-12 % of all the people in the world are atheists who deny the existence of God. However, even these data can never be stable. People who do believe in God, if their faith is not firm enough might gradually end up being atheists. And the opposite of that is true as well. There are also atheists who gradually end up having great faith in God after they have encountered certain situations in life in which God has poured his divine blessings on them.

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