The Art of Love!

The contact between people has definitely increased due to social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It is much easier to get informed about birthdays and anniversaries and other facts about other people. People these days are easier to talk to and are also willing to interact because the mobile data rates have gone down.
But does it mean that LOVE between people has increased? Or LOVE between family members have increased?

The answer is definitely unpredictable because people have mixed up the definition of Love. If one does not what is the definition, then there will be no way he or she can analyze it in any depth. The definition of Love is simple, “If you feel like spending time with the other person, willing to listen to them as well as willing to open up your hearts to them, then indeed that is “Love” !

So why is spending time on social media, not love because you do very much the same thing or feel as if you are doing the same thing? In that case, let us imagine a situation. Suppose you are chatting with your old friend and also sharing pics with him or her and suddenly that person pops out of your mobile and comes into your home. How would you feel if such a thing happens? Now you will have a responsibility added on you. It is not all about offering him tea or coffee or some snacks. It is more about sitting with him, giving time to him, listening to his story patiently, and telling him things about yourself without exaggeration. And also permitting him, to exaggerate even if you are aware of it.

Unbelievably difficult it is! Out of hundreds of your social media friends, there will be just one or two to whom you will be willing to give that special time. Even with that friend, we will surely violate the definition of love, “Spending time with the other person and be willing to listen to him patiently!”

Many people “fall in love” but it does not take much time to then “fail in love”. “Fall in love” may sprout in a relationship or marriage but “fail in love” does not necessarily end in divorce. You might be with your partner but without any willingness to spend time with him or listen to his story which he wants to share so eagerly with you. Valentine’s day! or a birthday or a marriage anniversary gift will not increase or sustain love. So what is going on between two individuals who stay with each other without giving time to each other. It can be termed as a mutual agreement where there is good security and sharing, ease of living, and helping each other when required. It is also a means to satisfy sexual urges at regular intervals.

“Love” is an effort. It requires nurturing. It is like a plant that will require care and all the other things which are required for its growth. Beyond this love requires care, attention, and most importantly “giving time and listening patiently” to your partner! This is even more important in the case of children. Children are desperate to spend time with their parents, they want attention from parents and advice at regular intervals. They don’t just want to hear Yells! or shouts like “Don’t Talk” or “Finger on your lips!”

Children if not given time and are not listened to patiently, end up with feelings of inferiority and also develop hate for their parents when they grow up. Parents always complain that their children don’t take of them when they need their support at an older age. But they are unaware of the errors they made during the period when their little ones’ were craving for their time and attention.

So to summarise this topic, I will give you simple tips as I discussed above regarding the ART OF LOVE!. LOVE requires effort, LOVE requires action, LOVE requires proper thought. LOVE has to be unselfish because you’re going to get rewards, anyways. Every little effort you make to spend time with your loved one, every little action you take to make the other person comfortable and feel secure, you are nurturing your feeling of love. There will be no requirement for you to say I LOVE YOU to another person. Your presence, your time, and your willingness to listen will make it very evident for the other person that you are in love with him or her.

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