The Power of YAGNA

Yagna literally means “sacrifice, devotion, worship, offering”, and refers in Hinduism to any ritual done in front of a sacred fire, often with mantras. Yagna has been a Vedic tradition, described in a layer of Vedic literature called Brahmanas, as well as Yajurveda. The tradition has evolved from offering oblations and libations into the sacred fire to symbolic offerings in the presence of sacred fire.

But the real understanding of Yagna is very very deep and most of the people even following Hinduism wont know this. By Yagna, you please all the Gods, all the Gods please you and gradually you get lost and attain divine bliss.

From the beginning of man’s life till he takes last breath, there is Yagna. In the daily life of man there are various Yagna taking place regularly- his utterances, his walk, his words, his sleep all should be as holy as a Yagna.

People having holy treasure of God are called Yagna. Respecting such holy people, spreading message among people and developing a community, arising friendliness among them and offering some part of your income. Wherever there are these three aspects, that holiness is Yagna.

In Yagna, Brahma(The creator of Universe), a holy brahmin(preast) and 100-200 people participate.

It starts at 3.30 in the morning, developing complete silence and in divine moments, before sunrise and all the brahmins sit.

Every brahmin has fire besides him. In fire there are two powerful waves, swaha shakti and swadha shakti. Swahashakti arouses feeling of self surrender. Swadhashakti arises feelings of divinity.

During Yagna, people from nearby places come and take blessings of the sacred fire and take blessings of the Brahmins of the Yagna. In a way God has 2 faces, one towards and fire and the second towards the holy brahmins. People take blessings of both and become blessed.

At around 8, 8.30 the holy brahmin gives lessons and teachings to all the people who have gathered in Yagna.He gives beautiful understanding of both Swaha Shakti and Swadha Shakti.

In the afternoon after taking lunch, the brahmins walk 3-4 miles and give sermons to people there. They explain them what kind of life, one should live and following these holy process, our hindu culture developed. The Brahmins dont take dinner in night time because they get late after giving the sermons and meeting people. Due to these Yagna, culture and holy thoughts entered into the life of people.

One of the purpose of the Yagna was also to eradicate the sins committed by people. Most of the people, knowingly or unknowningly commit sins. According to the holy rishi Manu, all household people should do PanchMahaYagna(One type of Yagna).

There are 5 violent points in every day life of householder. Lighting fire, broom, flour for food, pot of water. To overcome these violent effects, Rishis(saints) gave us PanchMayaYagna(Panch means 5, so we should do 5 different Yagnas.)

The Rishis, the Devas(Gods), the Pitris(Our ancestors), the Bhutas(offerings to all creatures) and the guests expect help from the householders. Hence, they should perform these five sacrifices . Teaching and study of scriptures is Brahma Yagna; Tarpana or offering of water to the ancestors, and Sraaddha, form Pitri Yagna: Homa or oblations into the fire is Deva Yagna; Bali or offering of food to all creatures is Bhuta Yagna; and hospitality to guests is Manushya Yagna or Atithi Yagna.

To do these Yagnas men have to spend money from his income. People should overcome the financial constaints but do all these Yagnas as prescribed by the Rishis.

To do these Yagnas men face lot of trouble and have to make lot of arrangements for long period of life. This struggle itself is described as Tapo Yagna.

People who do Yagna with a purest objective of sacrifice and love for God, in the end becomes a holy Yogi.

This kind of Yagnas which bring purity of mind to the people and develops culture in people, are called Swadhyaya chari(People who develop powers of introspection & self understanding) and are also called Gyan(Knowledge) Yagna.

In today’s world, if this culture of Yagnas is brought back, it will bring financial prosperity, brotherhood among people, rational thoughts and mental purity will enhance and will help arise divinity in themselves.

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