The Sacred Hour – The most precious gift for you! – The Holistic Living

How many hours are there in a day? 24. How much time we are left after 8 hours of sleep? 16 hours. How much time do we devote to the office? Around 9.30 to 10 hours because it also includes our commutation hours. It leaves around 6 hours. Deduct a couple of hours, which you will devote to food, bath, tea or coffee, doing your hair, brushing your teeth, attending nature’s call. You only have a gift or 4 hours with you on weekdays.

These 4 hours basically define, how happy, healthy and blissful you are. People who make meaningful use of these 4 hours would do exercise, spend time with kids, do prayers, socialize with people. The casual people will get glued to their mobiles or watch web series and spoil the precious gift of 4 hours. If they stretch these time-wasting methods, they will also compromise their sleep time.

However, if you ask me, I will tell you to plan work for only 3 hours because you need to dedicate the first hour of your day to YOURSELF. This hour you can consider as your SACRED HOUR. You have meetings all day in your office, have a meeting with yourself at least for some time in the morning. What time you get up depends upon the time when you go to bed and the amount of hours you need for rest. The number of hours may vary from 7 to 8 hours but the right time to go to bed, the maximum time by which you should switch off your lights should by 10.30 pm. Anytime taken after that will not provide for quality sleep and compromise with our sacred hour. Before going to bed, you should not touch your digital devices atleast for half an hour otherwise the negative vibrations will prove to be a hindrance in your sleep and may also result in unwanted dreams.

“What we should do in that hour? What is the benefit I will get from it?” you are going to ask me.

Although there are not fixed items or checklist which are applicable to all, some of the things which are common and most beneficial for all are physical exercise, yogasana, pranayama, meditation, music, reading, journaling, positive affirmations. It is like there is a shop where items cost from Rs 10 to Rs 20 and you have only Rs 60 with you. What will you do in that case? Pick things which will benefit you most, isn’t it?

This is the package which works for me the best. 10 Minutes Meditation, 10 Minutes Physical Exercise, 10 Minutes Reading or Writing, 10 Minutes Pranayama, 15 Minutes Walking, 5 Minutes Affirmations and Visualization for the whole day.

This is the format which I have been following for some time, I tweak my schedule somedays, like I was focussing more on meditation in the last month, because there was too much activity and pressure during that time. Instead of 10 minutes, I did around 20 minutes meditation. But now I have again silently popped back to the original schedule.

So what are the advantages for keeping one hour for such activities?
Our life basically consists of 4 parts or 4 quadrants, as I call it. Physical, Mental, Spirtual and Social. Any quadrant, if compromised, will hurt big time in the future. By doing physical exercise and pranayama, we keep ourselves fit and healthy. And 20-25 minutes of Pranayama, Asana and Walking are more than enough to keep us charged up for the whole day. Reading good positive motivational or spiritual book will directly expose the thoughts of Krishna or Christ in us and take us on our dream journey. Meditation is the best solution for today’s problems related to stress and depression. But it is much more than that. If done after little analysis and guidance from a knowledgeable person, meditation will uplift our spiritual powers, for sure. The fourth quadrant which I call the SOCIAL quadrant will take care of itself if we are balanced, physically, spiritually and emotionally with the activities we discussed earlier.

That is why, as an initiative to spread this concept of what I call HOLISTIC LIVING, I do regular HOLISITIC CLASSES which are streamed live on YouTube everyday from Mon to Fri(7.30 AM) in Hindi language. Become part of the family of people who are ready to nurture these 4 sacred quadrants of their lives.

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