The science behind Idol Worship.

Idolatry literally means the worship of an “idol”, also known as a cult image, in the form of a physical image, such as a statue or icon. Different religions have different views about idol worship. Some religions have accepted idol worship and some religions do not accept idol worship.

People who believe in idol worship, feel that through worshipping idol, you can imagine that you are not praying to the idol but infact praying to the God itself. And gradually as you practice more and more idol worship, you develop faith in God and develop deeper relationship with God. Your thinking about God will then enhance, you will make spiritual progress and then you will have no need to worship idol but you can see the God itself without any form. It means as you progress more, you develop deeper concentration levels, you become one with God and the image of God disappears altogether.

People who donot believe in God, however argue that worshipping God in the form of clay images is improper and should not be accepted at all. Worshipping God in the form of clay is infact restricting God to the clay image which is not correct. Various sections amongst Christianity dont accept idol worship. Many people following the Muslim religion dont accept idol worship.

There is high following of idol worship in the Hindu religion. One of the holy person explained this concept beautifully to his disciple. When the disciple said I dont believe in worshipping God in the form of image. I believe in God without form. To which the master said, “if you are worshipping God in the form of images, would the God not know that? God understands that my children are imagining me in the form of idol. It is irrelevant to God whether you are praying to God with form or without form, God will always bless you.”

The reason for idol worship, or we can say, imagining God with form is quite intellectual. For the person trying to make spiritual progress and is a novice, he will find very difficult to imagine God without form. So the religion permitted that God can be prayed through form, through a picture of God, image of God or through the chanting of mantra. This helps the devotee to imagine God in that particular form. When he gradually makes spiritual progress then there will be no need to keep the image. In that case you can feel God without any form.

People who are against idol worship, indirectly pray to God identifying him through various means, imagining they are meeting God at specific places like temple, or church, or mosque. Which indirectly means they do identify someplace, some form for worship.

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