These two qualities alone will redefine your life!

What are those qualities which will redefine our life? I am taking it from a spiritual point of view but they are applicable to all people, whether they are spiritual or not. Before I tell you about these qualities, please permit me to tell you about a small but true incident which will be related very well to this topic.

Narendra, who later went on to become Swami Vivekananda was facing great struggles in his life. He had lost his father, he was becoming extremely short of money and he was worried about the health of his dear mother. But that was the time when his spiritual curiosity had advanced and he had also discovered his GURU, Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa. But these difficulties make Naren wonder whether God exists or not? If he did, then why was there so much poverty and unhappiness in people?

He spoke about this to his master. His master told him to go to the temple which was beside that room and where the idol of Goddess Kali was kept. His master performed regular worship at that temple and that temple was indeed divine with holy vibrations. His master told Naren that he can ask for any favor in front of the mother(Goddess Kali) and she will grant his wish.

Now, Naren went to the temple and after some time came back. When his master inquired with Naren about his wish, Naren replied that he could not ask anything. His master was surprised and told him to go again, bow to the mother, and ask for any favor. But Naren again came back without asking anything. But finally, when Naren went back to the temple he told his master, I requested mother to bless me with KNOWLEDGE and DEVOTION.

He knew, did Naren that if he asked for any material favor, they will last but only temporarily but KNOWLEDGE and DEVOTION will always stay with you forever. These two qualities have the power to elevate our life.


You would have heard about the saying, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Now this knowledge can be anything, for us it could be knowledge in our relevant field. But what Swami Vivekananda asked from the mother was, KNOWLEDGE ABOUT GOD because that is the highest knowledge. Who will provide us with answers to questions like WHO AM I? IS THERE GOD? IF YES, WHERE IS HE? WHY AM I BORN and IS THERE ANY SPECIFIC REASON FOR MY BIRTH? The answers to all these questions can only be revealed if we have the highest knowledge or what is referred to JYANA YOGA in our scriptures.


Now, this was about KNOWLEDGE. And what about the second quality which I mentioned earlier that is DEVOTION? Now for people like us, this devotion can be considered as being committed to our work or being devoted to whatever task we are performing. But the highest level of DEVOTION is nothing but DEVOTION to God. This DEVOTION is considered as BHAKTI YOGA in our scriptures. It is one of the ideal methods where people get engrossed in their love for God. There is a class of people all over the world, especially in India who do not have much intellectual knowledge about God. But still, they believe in him, they perform prayers, they sing glories about his various characteristics. People who have reached to highest levels of devotion, pray and yearn to God so that they can get a glimpse of HIM. This is the highest level of BHAKTI YOGA.

Any quality, KNOWLEDGE or BHAKTI, is enough to transform our lives. But if you powers to some degree for both of them, you are indeed very blessed. How? It is because through KNOWLEDGE you understand God and through DEVOTION you please and get gratified by God.

This was more from a spiritual perspective, but these qualities are universal for all, even for people who do not believe in God. If people have developed a high level of knowledge in their respective fields and do their work with commitment and devotion, they will surely derive maximum benefit. However, this would be indeed a lower form and would not maximize the real nature of the qualities which we discussed.

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