This Mother Will DeToxify You! Guess?

Sounds Strange! Right? How can you get detoxified through your mother? It has made you think. And that is what we want to do at…. SweetNectar…Make People think. Have Patience! I will explain to you what I mean!

Every minute, every hour, every day we perform so many actions or karmas. These actions indirectly get ingrained in our brains and decide upon the way we think. They basically define our character. Suppose there is a businessman. His daily activities would consist of taking care of his business, handling the customers as well as supporting his family. He keeps on performing these actions day after day and his life basically revolves around these activities. His language also begins to change. He may be using the words “SELLING”, “PURCHASING”, “NEGOTIATION”, “MONEY” a lot in his business. Now he starts using these words in his home, too. He will ask his wife, “We should SELL this TV as it is of no use now. We will PURCHASE a new TV but we will have to do proper NEGOTIATION in the showroom so we can save MONEY.”

You can see that these thoughts have formed an indelible impression in our minds. Let me give you another example. When I started my job as a fresher, our manager would ask us, “What is the date of COMPLETION of this task?” That put less pressure on me. Then as times changed, people started using words like DEADLINE(to scare people). So when I changed the job after some time, our new manager would ask, “What is the DEADLINE for this project?” The thing which all the people fear most about is DEATH. So constantly hearing words like DEADLINE brings us the impression of a person who will become DEAD if he does not achieve some milestone. This again brings a lot of negativity and stress in our lives and add toxins in our body.

Our character basically is determined by the quality of our thoughts. We are not even aware but our character changes in a few years based on the activities we repeatedly perform, the kind of people we meet, and also on the kind of food we eat. Nobody would believe that a person has suddenly transformed in a matter of a few months or years. It might be either way. Either from Good to Bad or Bad to Good.

Different activities and our thought patterns leave impressions in our brains which result in the generation of dangerous toxins in us. The reasons for toxins can also be poor health or poor diet or poor conditions in which we live, our friends, our relatives, our lifestyle.

Our body and mind definitely require DETOXIFICATION from time to time. We always take care of our house, our car, our kids, and make sure that they remain neat and tidy. In the same manner, we need to take care of our bodies and mind.

What I meant by saying “DeToxify though our Mother” did not mean that our own mother should detoxify us. I referred to the river Narmada which is considered equivalent to our mother in India. I attended a meditation camp of 5 days which was arranged by Sri Ramakrishna Mission. There is a beautiful temple which is located beside the river Narmada in Bharuch. But it is more than a temple. It is huge, it has got a big hall for meditation, there is an area which is allocated at the front where statues of God are kept. That area is created in such a manner that it is slightly higher than the rest of the hall and is used as a stage. Sages explained about scriptures standing on the stage. Musicians were invited and they would play spiritual songs and were ably supported by tabla and harmonium players. There is also a projector where spiritual movies are shown. And the use of mobile is a big NO-NO there. We have to park our mobiles in our room and all of us dutifully did.

But the main purpose of the camp was MEDITATION. So we focused on MEDITATION for most of the time. As we were beginners so it was not possible for us to do meditation from 5 in the morning till 10 at night. So time slots were assigned throughout the day where there were around 5-6 slots of meditation for 45 minutes. Only pure vegetarian food was provided during that camp. Near the temple, there was a building where we took rest in the afternoon and would sleep at night. In every room, there was a place for 2 people. So we also got to know about someone with similar interests and could share beautiful things with that person.

The most beautiful thing about the temple was that it was behind the holy Narmada. So we could hear the beautiful waves of the river and also feel it. The environment was serene, we did not require any air conditioners or coolers in our stay. We could directly talk to the enlightened sages and discuss our problems which we would otherwise never discuss with our parents or our friends.

To sum it up, it was more of a DETOXIFICATION camp. It released all the negative toxins which got accumulated in our body and mind and gave us a kind of fresh oxygen to breathe. The great sage Sri Ramakrishna had said that we should spend certain days in a year in solitude away from the family and in the company of the sages. This will help us develop feelings of dispassion and bring enlightenment in us.

We can DETOXIFY anywhere not just at the holy Narmada. But the place should be serene, peaceful, and not crowded or noisy. If you decide that your whole family and all the relatives will go to someplace for a few days and get DETOXIFIED, it is not going to work. Because there will be a lot of noise, discussions about the family, food, business, competition to look better, etc. So the best way to get DETOXIFIED is to go at someplace alone or with family but with the condition that family issues will not be discussed there.

Our mind has become polluted due to our busy and hectic lifestyle.
Without being aware, our character has changed and we lose our originality.
As we take care of our bodies, house, and vehicles, we also need to take care of our minds.
Our mind requires DETOXIFICATION at regular intervals.
DETOXIFICATION is possible only if we go to someplace away from home and live in solitude.

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