Wealth VS Ethics! The dirty truths which some people won’t like!

Is there any relationship between WEALTH and ETHICS? Yes! There is! Is it possible to become wealthy by following ethical means? Umm!! Seems difficult! Does it mean that all wealthy people resort to unethical practices to make money? Mostly Yes! But there will be a few exceptions. You will not accept these statements until you get solid proof of that or a deep understanding of that. You would like to know why WEALTHY people follow UNETHICAL means and also about the exceptions who are wealthy but still maintain their ethics.

Let me start by giving you an example. Let us imagine that there is a country which has got 1 lac citizens. And that country has got a total accumulated wealth of 10 lac rupees. So by ratio, each citizen should get around 10 rupees. But little variation by 15-20% may be acceptable. But how on earth some people have 15 or 20 or 500 or even 1000 rupees? If a person has got 500 rupees, he has indirectly swallowed money of 49 people and if somebody has got a wealth of 1000 rupees, he has taken away food and shelter of 99 people. If this is not unethical, then what is unethical?

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give – Winston S. Churchill

People argue that they have got more skill, better business acumen and they understand the market better, so why should they not make additional money? Some will also argue that they pay the taxes and they have a proper account of all their wealth and their money is white money, not black money. But the point is that if they have so much skill, why do they not pass that knowledge to the poor people? If they have good business understanding, then why do they not pass on their skills? How can there be such an UNEQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH in any country?

But wealthy people are very clever. They will always find means to keep on multiplying their income and they will always become richer and the poor will become even poorer. The person who has got 500 rs from the national treasure will find methods to make 600 rupees and take away money from more people and he is never going to stop there.

A person who has got a great knowledge base and has made thousands of rupees, can open a school and make arrangements to give schooling to the poor people. A person who has got a great business can donate money to charity. Many great people in the world have donated a lot of money for a charity like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc. These are the exceptions I was talking about. These are the people who have got wealth but they give it back to people.

It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it. – Albert Einstein

If wealth is locked in the banks or the homes, it has sort of disappeared from the market. People are begging for money, youngsters are looking for jobs, businessmen are struggling to sell their products. But how can they get money because a country can have only a certain amount of money and most of the money is locked in the homes of people?

The government has always made efforts to impose higher taxes on wealthy people. But most of the rich people hide a lot of their income and resort to unethical practices. Some also pay taxes but still, they have got so much money that the imbalance would always stay.

Let me give you one more example. Suppose an announcement is made by the king that there is great wealth in the forest which is two hundred kilometers away from the kingdom. People who will reach there first can take as much money as possible. What do you think people would do in such a scenario? All of them would get excited and begin to run to the forest. The poor people will have a ray of hope that they will get money, so they begin to run as fast as possible because they do not have any vehicles.

But the rich people will sit in the cars or some will take their chartered planes and reach the forest first and swallow all the wealth. By the time the poor people will come, there would be no wealth left. Indirectly the poor will become poorer and the rich will become richer.

The problem with money is that IT IS NEVER ENOUGH. People always want little more than they have. Let us imagine some discussions which generally happen between rich people just before it is time to pay their annual tax.

“You pay so much tax, are you mad? My salary is more than you but I never pay this much tax. I will show you some tricks to evade these taxes?”

“Oh Really?”

“I will give rent slips to you. You fill them and take a signature from your father!”


“From now on you are living on rent in your fathers’ house and paying twenty thousand rupees every month and this will save you ten thousand rupees more in your taxes!”

Now tell me, is this ethical? Then how can we believe that wealthy people, with a few exceptions, are ethical?

It is very shameful when such people question the performance of the government and oppose the increase in prices for fuel or other commodities. The reason for the imbalance in the economy is that people are not honest in PAYING THEIR TAXES. And the sad part is that it is never 100% possible for the government to find out how much money a person is making. Although good measures have been taken recently and the number of people paying taxes has increased. But these people are paying taxes because they HAVE TO pay them and have a fear of facing evil consequences.

So I would conclude this topic by requesting people to do introspection about their own wealth, the wealth of their country, whether they are following ethical methods for making money, and how much national wealth they have locked in their cupboards.

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