Temple is a place where people gather to have peace. Temple is not in the middle of a crowded city with a lot of noise. There is a suitable place for the temple, there is silence, it is free from noise, there is peace. Here we can enjoy nature to its fullest, green trees, sweet sound of the birds, purest water of the river, blessings of the sun.

Temple has got holy vibrations. the environment is very divine because so many people have come here for meditation, these are the people who have achieved the highest levels of spirituality. You feel as if these very holy people are sitting beside you. You feel energized.

There are not many temples in a city but just a few. There is no need for statues, idols. It does not require holy chantings by the priest or other ceremonies. You don’t need to read holy scriptures here. However, the moment you enter the temple you feel holy vibrations reverberating in your whole body as if peace of the Lord is gradually entering your body. Coming early in the morning just around sunrise is the best time to visit the temple. If you come to the temple early in the morning, the rest of your daily work becomes divine, it relieves you of stress and tension.

You should not go to the temple with a goal in your mind. You should not go there to worship a statue or take religious advice from learned people. You only go the temple to feel joy, to enjoy the divine atmosphere. These are in fact the greatest blessings of the Lord. Where there is purity there is God, where there is love there is God, where there is silence there is God.

The few moments you spend in the morning in the temple stays with you for the whole day, it forces you to come back to the temple the next day.

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