Spirituality it is a very broad concept. Different people will give different explanations, they will have their own point of view about the same. Some people will link it with religion, some people will say it is linked with God. When some people give religious thoughts to certain group of people, somebody might suddenly ask to the person, are you spiritual?

Spirituality is basically to go beyond ourselves, to realize our true nature. We go on doing our daily routine, be it taking responsibility of the house or earning money, doing business or job. Everything is going well, we follow all the processes. At times we feel so happy when we watch a great movie, then when we come and we face some other situation and suddenly we get angry. Men feel so wonderful when weekend approaches and there will be day offs but suddenly they feel the dreaded monday has come.

The people should ask nobody but to themselves is why am I so much happy at one moment and suddenly unhappy at another moment. But generally most of us will not ask such question to ourselves. Rather we continue our normal daily routine, as if we were satisfied with both happiness and unhappiness. Spirituality is getting beyond this so called happiness and unhappiness. Again who do we become happy and unhappy? These moments are nothing but imaginations of what we call mind. We imagine a certain movie or going to our favorite restaurant to be good and we imagine certain person to be not so good. Spirituality helps us to get above different imaginations, thoughts which are created by our mind. We get an opportunity to gradually move towards something new, which is little bit sacred, peaceful, not just happy but joyful.

But as all of us know the journey will be not quite easy. Right? The reason being our mind is cluttered with so many ideas and thoughts, so many misinterpretations, so many incorrect patterns that it will take quiet an effort to gain victory over this mind. But the first condition is that first of all we should realize that we are in a mess. We have to agree that we are going in the wrong direction and we need to change. We need to follow the right path. That can be the first step of being spiritual.

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